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11 Amazing Uses for Onions from Clearer Skin to Better Sleep

11 Amazing Uses for Onions from Clearer Skin to Better Sleep

Despite the tears they bring, onions may be one of the most underrated superfoods. Much more than a kitchen staple, the onion offers superior health benefits – so much so that saying ‘an onion a day’ may be a better prescription than the common saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
Onions are packed with potent properties that can battle illness and even give you a glowing complexion. They’re a very rich source of sulphur compounds – the reason behind your teary eyes when slicing one – as well as antioxidant flavonoids like quercetin, which helps protect against cell damage.

Here are just 11 amazing ways you can use onions more often.

Stop a bloody nose If you get a nosebleed, as soon as possible after it starts, slice an onion and hold it just underneath your nose. The fumes from the onion act as a natural coagulant to stop the bleeding.
Cure insomnia
While it definitely sounds a bit bizarre, onions are even said to cure insomnia. Just cut into a raw onion and take five to ten deep breaths of its aroma. For the best results, place it into a glass jar and put it beside your bed – take a whiff just before laying down.
Eliminate dark spots on the skin
To remove dark spots on your skin, slice a red onion and rub it directly onto dark areas of the skin after cleansing. Used on a daily basis it can help lighten hyperpigmentation.
Soothe menstrual cramps
Onions are known as one of the best soothing agents for menstrual cramps. Consuming raw onions regularly during four to five days before your period can help ease the pain.
Improve sexual drive
The agent that gives onions their strong smell, allicin, is also responsible for increasing blood flow to the sexual organs, resulting in increased sexual drive.
Strengthen the immune system
As onions contain a significant amount of phytochemicals in addition to high levels of vitamin C, they can help strengthen your immune system, providing a strong defense against the common cold or flu.
Onions’ sulfur-containing amino acids offer a detoxifying effect which helps the liver process things like caffeine and acetaminophen as well as converting pesticides, lead and dry-cleaning solvents into forms that are less toxic and easier for the body to eliminate.
Support good oral health
Forgetting about the issue with foul breath for a moment – chewing raw onions for several minutes can help prevent tooth decay and oral infections by killing harmful germs present in the mouth. Just brush your teeth and use a mouthwash afterward to get rid of the smell. Chewing a fresh sprig of parsley can also help.
Stabilizing blood sugar levels
Studies have shown that consuming onions regularly can also help balance blood sugar levels. Onions are a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C and many other micronutrients, compounds which further help to support normal blood sugar levels.
Fresh bulbs of onionPreventing cancer
Research has found that organosulfur compounds, found in both onions and garlic, prevent the development of cancers by detoxifying carcinogens and stopping cancer cell growth. High onion intake has been associated with a 56 percent lower risk of colon cancer and a 25 percent lower risk of breast cancer compared to no onion intake.
Eliminate pimples
Rubbing half an onion on your face daily can help to eliminate blemishes without leaving acne scars or the long list of side effects which can come from acne medications.
Onions are truly an amazing food – use them frequently in your meals. They’re one of the most versatile vegetables and can be consumed raw or cooked, imparting a unique flavor to almost any recipe.
-The Alterative Daily

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