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Giving Tuesday - Volunteerism and Philanthropy

Don't forget - December 3rd is

Giving Tuesday is a national effort to promote volunteerism and philanthropy on Tuesday, December 3rd. We've seen tremendous support this year, from our favorite local nonprofits and businesses, all the way up to the White House blog.

While you're enjoying your holiday and relaxing with friends and family, we encourage the entire Philly community to get plugged in to Giving Tuesday, and to share your stories using the #GivingTuesdayPHL hashtag.

You can also follow the movement on the GivingTuesdayPHL facebook page, and make sure to follow Giving Tuesday University for last minute ideas for your organization.

Here's a few #GivingTuesday project stories that we've received: 
Sunday Suppers 
Sunday Suppers is a unique and innovative program that engages low income families with young children to help them eat healthier and make lasting changes in what food they purchase and how they prepare it. Sunday Suppers has received a $5,000 matching gift and all donations made on GivingTuesday will be doubled. Please visit our website – your donation will help change the life of a family in need.
Please Touch Museum
This year at Please Touch Museum we celebrate our 5th Birthday - In honor of five fantastic years we’ll be collecting fantastic high-fives all day - visit Please Touch Museum and donate five dollars at the admissions desk to help us reach our goal of $1,500 on #GivingTuesday, or visit our website – – to make a donation.
InLiquid Event: Juvenile in Justice
12/3/2013, 7:00pm – 10:00pm Icebox @ Crane Arts Building
On Giving Tuesday, Philadelphia will come together and celebrate the accomplishment of raising national attention around critical reforms needed to the juvenile justice system, to give over 500 youths a second chance. Join us for a great evening of drinks, dancing, art, and a juried awards presentation to deserving individuals and local organizations! Each $50.00 evening event ticket will help sponsor a participating youth in our clinic.
But that's not all! 
There are many organizations involved in this year's #GivingTuesdayPHL efforts - visit to find out how to get involved with one of the organizations below.
ACLU Foundation of PA
American Association for
   Cancer Research
Bartram’s Garden
Bike & Build
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills
CASA of Philadelphia County 
Catholic Social Services/Archdiocese
   of Philadelphia

Center for Advocacy for the Rights and
   Interests of the Elderly

Center in the Park 
Childspace CDI
The Clay Studio
Community Design Collaborative
Community Legal Services
Dignity Housing

The EHL Consulting Group
Entrepreneur Works
The Food Trust
Gearing Up
Gift of Life Family House 
Greater Philadelphia Coalition
   Against Hunger

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
Greener Partners
Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia
HIAS Pennsylvania 
Juvenile in Justice
Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund
Lacey C. Clark! of Sisters’ Sanctuary
Lantern Theater Company
Legal Clinic for the Disabled
Liberty Lutheran
Live Your Dream
Magee Rehabilitation Hospital Fdn
Maternity Care Coalition
Mazzoni Center
Museum of the American Revolution
Mural Arts Program
National Adoption Center
National Museum of
   American Jewish History
Natural Lands Trust
North Light Community Center
National Philanthropic Trust
The Parkinson Council 
Pegasus Riding Academy
Pennsylvania Health Law Project
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
People's Emergency Center
Philadelphia Children’s Alliance 
Philadelphia Futures
Philly VIP
Please Touch Museum 
Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia
The Resource Exchange 
Riverbend Environmental Education Ctr 
Rock to the Future
Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial
Schnader Attorneys at Law
Schuylkill River Development Corporation
Scribe Video Center
Shriners Hospitals for Children
Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse
Soroptimist International
The Spruce Foundation
Startup Corps
Support Center for Child Advocates
Sunday Suppers 
Tookany-Tacony/Frankford Watershed
   Partnership, Inc.

The Urban League of Philadelphia
University of Pennsylvania Museum of
   Archaeology and Anthropology

Valley Youth House - Greater Phila
Welcoming Center for
   New Pennsylvanians

William Way LGBT Community Center 
Wissahickon Charter School 
Women Organized Against Rape

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Friday Deals: Don’t Fall for These Dirty Tricks

Black Friday Deals: Don’t Fall for These Dirty Tricks
Posted By Luke Landes
Many of the “Black Friday deals” you hear about are not good bargains, they’re just marketed in a way to make people believe they are. Furthermore, even if an advertisement is a good deal for someone, it may not be a bargain for you. Here’s how to see past the dirty marketing tricks and determine where and how it’s worthwhile to spend your money this holiday season.
Be skeptical of every advertisement, even if it’s coming from a trusted source.
Dirty trick: companies use your friends and other trusted sources to convince you a deal is worthwhile.
When retailers or manufacturers pay the public to advertise for them, it changes the natural order of communication. If I were to ask you to share a deal I’m offering, let’s say it’s a notebook computer for $400, you might not think it’s such a great deal, and you’d be unlikely to share it. But if I offered the deal and said I’d pay you $25 for every sale you refer to me, you’d be more likely to share the deal. And why not? A few sales and you’d be able to buy the notebook computer for yourself.
Eventually, those who share bad deals as if they’re good will eventually stop because they will, over time, not be seen as a trusted source. But there will always be others.
Be skeptical and always ask questions. This is the basis that will lead you to success in building wealth.
Price history and future.
Dirty trick: Advertisements make you think a price is good when it’s not.
One question you want to ask is whether the deal is a good price, not just based on history but on the future as well. Advertisements can make a price seem good when it is not by evoking an emotional response rather than providing the information you need to make a good decision.
In many cases, Black Friday deals don’t look as good in hindsight, because depending on the items, prices continue to fall as retailers want to eliminate their inventory before the new year.
According to Consumer Reports, prices almost always fall after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The frenzy and hype surrounding these shopping events often cloud what is really happening with prices.
Plan your shopping and stick to the plan.
Dirty trick: Advertisements encourage impulse decisions, and consumers spend more.
When a sale lasts just one day like Black Friday — or when a desired item is likely to run out of stock within hours of a store’s opening —the emotional frenzy takes over and rational decision-making loses. Maybe you can get a toaster oven for $15, but if you weren’t planning to give anyone a toaster oven and you have your own, you’re not saving $40, you’re spending $15. That’s not saving; that’s spending.
And even if supplies don’t last (they might not with“doorbusters”) there will always be a roughly equivalent alternative.
REMEMBER: If it’s not on your list, it’s not a deal for you.
Deals help retailers clear inventory of discontinued items.
Dirty trick: Heavily discounted items are often worth less than nothing to the retailers.
Many of the Black Friday deals are discontinued or old items. Technology moves quickly. One of Best Buy’s biggest deals in its Black Friday advertisement is for $100 off an iPad 2. This sounds like a great deal, and for someone, perhaps a kid, it might make a good gift. But the problem is that this version of the iPad is considered old technology. It won’t even run some of the more modern iPad applications. A year from now, the iPad 2 will seem positively ancient.
Many deeply discounted items in Black Friday ads have been out of date for a year or two.
How to shop for the holidays intelligently.
Black Friday isn’t the best time to buy most things in terms of price.
But if you must, there are a few essential resources.
  • Keep your eye on [3], where you can find deals on just about everything that exists for the holiday season. This is just everything, so there’s no good indication of what might be a legitimate bargain and what won’t be. You need to use a critical eye.
  • Consumer Reports [4] is simply the best in terms of editorial when it comes to holiday shopping. They are not as easily influenced by the retail industry, and the writers are willing to speak the truth. The magazine’s ratings are absolutely invaluable when it comes to making larger purchases, inside or outside the holiday season.
  • It’s best to remain skeptical when reading even the best blogs and websites with holiday deals, but you may want to start withSavingsLifestyle [5], FatWallet [6], and CNET [7].

Monday, November 25, 2013

Job/Training/Career Opportunity - Drexel and University City Job Initiative

May each of you have blessed Thanksgiving.  You may have family, friends, or know someone in your youth groups who has a parent of family member who may benefit from this opportunity.
Thank you in advance for passing along the below information.

University City District’s West Philadelphia Skills Initiative and Drexel University College of Medicine are gearing up for our 2014 Jobs Pipeline for Certified Medical Assistants in West Philadelphia. This program is designed to help CMAs bridge the gap between getting certified and getting experience in the workforce. 
 An Information Session on TUESDAY,DECEMBER 10, AT 6PM. If you are already a Certified Medical Assistant and are looking for a career opportunity with a dynamic organization, call 1-888-290-6177 to register for this session. There you'll receive details about the program structure and benefits. 

West Philadelphia Skills Initiative
University City District          3940 Chestnut Street         Philadelphia, PA 19104                  215-243-0555           fax: 267-299-5926


If you are:
               Resident of West Philadelphia (zip codes 19104, 19131, 19139, 19143 and 19151)
               Unemployed or underemployed (making $9/hour or less)
               Currently certified as a Medical Assistant
. . . this program offers a career-building opportunity for you.

In an effort to cultivate talent in West Philadelphia and support DREXEL’s
reputation for providing high-quality healthcare, Drexel and UCD have developed a 12-week program that provides:
               Paid technical skills training
               Paid professional development workshops
               Mentoring by seasoned medical professionals
               Career development and job coaching services
               Real job opportunities
To apply for the program, you must attend a 1-hour information session on Tuesday, December 10, at6pm.  To register, call 1-888-290-6177You must register to be admitted, and the session will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Program applications will be available. To complete the application you will need to supply a copy of your resume and your MA license.

The application deadline is December 11, 2013. The program begins in February 2014.

What's in Your Wallet? - What Not to Keep in Your Wallet

8 Things Not to Keep in Your Wallet This Holiday Season

You're doing your holiday shopping in the midst of those distracting sales and crowds. You’re checking your gift lists (twice!) and your budget. You’re juggling bags and boxes. And you're paying little attention to your purse or wallet. These are the moments when identity thieves will strike.
“Pickpocketing can happen virtually anywhere, and people should be on their guard, especially while shopping this holiday season,” says Ken Chaplin, senior vice president of Experian’s ProtectMyID. “Thieves take advantage of the shopping rush and its inherent distractions to steal wallets and, potentially, identities.”
With just your name and Social Security number, identity thieves can open new credit accounts and make costly purchases in your name. If they can get their hands on (and doctor) a government-issued photo ID, they can do even more damage, such as opening new bank accounts.
We talked with consumer-protection advocates to identify the eight things you should purge from your wallet immediately to limit your risk in case your wallet is lost or stolen.
And when you’re finished removing your wallet’s biggest information leaks, take a moment to photocopy everything you’ve left inside, front and back. The last thing you want to be wondering as you're reporting a stolen wallet is, “What exactly did I have in there?”

8 Things Not to Keep in Your Wallet This Holiday Season

Your Social Security Card...

...and anything with the number on it.
Your nine-digit Social Security number is all a savvy ID thief needs to open new credit card accounts or loans in your name. ID-theft experts say your Social Security card is the absolute worst item to carry around.
Once you’ve removed your card, look for anything else that may contain your SSN. As of December 2005, states can no longer display your SSN on newly issued driver's licenses, state ID cards and motor-vehicle registrations. If you still have an older photo ID, request a new card prior to the expiration date. There might be an additional fee, but it's worth it to protect your identity.
Retirees, pull out your Medicare card, too, because it has your SSN on it.
Instead: Photocopy your Medicare card (front and back) and carry it with you instead of your real card. Experts are torn when it comes to blacking out a portion of your Social Security number on the copy, so to be safe, black out all nine digits. If an appointment requires the full SSN, you can then provide it as needed.
Your Social Security Card...

Password Cheat Sheet

The average American uses at least seven different passwords (and probably should use even more to avoid repeating them on multiple sites/accounts). Ideally, each of those passwords should be a unique combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, and you should change them regularly. Is it any wonder we need help keeping track of them all?
However, carrying your ATM card’s PIN number and a collection of passwords (especially those for online access to banking and investment accounts) on a scrap of paper in your wallet is a prescription for financial disaster.
Instead: If you have to keep passwords jotted down somewhere, keep them in a locked box in your house. Or consider an encrypted mobile app, such as SplashID ($9.95; Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone), Password Safe Pro (free, Android only) or Pocket (free, Android only).
Password Cheat Sheet

Spare Keys

A lost wallet containing your home address (likely found on your driver's license or other items) and a spare key is an invitation for burglars to do far more harm than just opening a credit card in your name. Don't put your property and family at risk. (And even if your home isn't robbed after losing a spare key, you'll likely spend $100+ in locksmith fees to change the locks for peace of mind.)
And, speaking of keys, be careful what you hand to the valet, warns Adam Levin, chairman and cofounder of Identity Theft 911. "Remember that every time you stop and hand your key to a valet, depending on what's in the glove box [or trunk], you are making yourself vulnerable."
Instead: Keep your spare keys with a trusted relative or friend. If you’re ever locked out, it may take a little bit longer to retrieve your backup key, but that’s a relatively minor inconvenience.
Spare Keys


Blank checks are an obvious risk—an easy way for thieves to quickly withdraw money from your checking account. But even a lost check you've already filled out can lead to financial loss—perhaps long after you've canceled and forgotten about it. With the routing and account numbers on your check, anybody could electronically transfer funds from your account.
Instead: Only carry paper checks when you will absolutely need them. And leave the checkbook at home, bringing only the exact amount of checks you anticipate needing that day.


A government-issued photo ID such as a passport opens up a world of possibilities for an ID thief. “Thieves would love to get (ahold of) this,” says Nikki Junker, a victim adviser at the Identity Theft Resource Center. “You could use it for anything”—including traveling in your name, opening bank accounts or even getting a new copy of your Social Security card.
Instead: Carry only your driver’s license or other personal ID while traveling inside the United States. When you're overseas, photocopy your passport and leave the original in a hotel lockbox.

Multiple Credit Cards

Although you shouldn’t ditch credit cards altogether (those who regularly carry a card tend to have higher credit scores than those who don’t), consider a lighter load. After all, the more cards you carry, the more you’ll have to cancel if your wallet is lost or stolen. We recommend carrying a single card for unplanned or emergency purchases, plus perhaps an additional rewards card on days when you expect to buy gas or groceries.
Also: Maintain a list, someplace other than your wallet, with all the cancellation numbers for your credit cards. They are typically listed on the back of your cards, but that won’t do you much good when your wallet is nowhere to be found.
Multiple Credit Cards

Birth Certificate

The birth certificate itself won’t get ID thieves very far. However, “birth certificates could be used in correlation with other types of fraudulent IDs,” Junker says. “Once you have those components, you can do the same things you could with a passport or a Social Security card.”
Be especially cautious on occasions—such as your mortgage closing—when you may need to present your birth certificate, Social Security card and other important personal documents at once. “Everything’s together,” Junker notes, “and someone can just come along and steal them all. Take the time to take them home, and don’t leave them in your car.”
Birth Certificate

A Stack of Receipts

Beginning in December 2003, businesses may not print anything containing your credit or debit card’s expiration date or more than the last five digits of your credit card number. Still, a crafty ID thief can use the limited credit card info and merchant information on receipts to phish for your remaining numbers.
Instead: Clear those receipts out each night — you probably have plenty from your holiday shopping — shredding the ones you don’t need. But for receipts you save, keep them safe by going digital. Apps such as Lemon and Shoeboxed create and categorize digital copies of your receipts and business cards. For even more ideas, check out 7 Steps to Convert Paper Files to Digital.

Job Postings

New jobs from Job Gateway

Lead Preschool Teacher
Teacher’s Assistant
Landscape Laborer         
RN Supervisor 3 to 11                                    
Recreation Assistant                                      
Program Manager Rehab                            
Occupational Therapy Assistant                
Certified Nursing Assistant                         
Fueler 06770                                                     
Physical Therapy Asst                                    
Physical Therapist PT                                    
Store Manager                                                 
Analyst Financial Planning and Analysis .
Relationship Liaison II 3CPJB                       
 Dietary Aide                                                      
  Manager SAP Supply Chain Management           
  Part Time Cleaners         

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Conflict Resolution Training

Holiday Bazaar

Job Postings - CNA's and COOKs

Health Care for former foster youth effective 1/1/2014

The Affordable Health Care Act

“You may qualify for Health Insurance.  Yes, you.”

Were you in foster care on or after your 18th birthday? 

Are you under the age of 26 years old?

If you answered yes to both of the above questions, you may qualify for healthcare!

Under the Affordable Care Act:

·         Any youth in the foster care system any time on or after their 18th birthday (from ANY state) may qualify to receive healthcare benefits beginning January 1, 2014 in Pennsylvania.

·         Coverage may last until age 26. (Unless health insurance is acquired through other means such as employment).

·         The good news is you can apply now!

Good, Sign Me Up!

·         Apply online through COMPASS

·         Paper applications can be found at your local county assistance office or accessed at

·         You can find additional information on, and

·         Call the PA Consumer Service Center at 1-866-550-4355 for more information


What Should I Do Next?

·         APPLY!

·         If you are still involved with children and youth services, ask your caseworker! You may have been automatically signed up, but asking does not hurt.

·         Spread the word to your friends! They may not know. Now you do! Help them out!

Minding Your Mind - Mental Health Issues

FALL 2013
Dear Supporter,

We've been busier than ever at Minding Your Mind, developing a new website (please to better inform you about our work in improving the lives of adolescents with mental health issues by eliminating the negative attitudes and behaviors perpetuated by stigma of mental health problems.

Our new-look newsletter is another element of the changes we're making. This edition is focused on the momentum of Minding Your Mind's outreach programs.

Please visit

Thank you for your continued support of Minding Your Mind.

Trish Larsen, Executive Director

Minding Your Mind Foundation
42 West Lancaster Avenue
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003

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Nice Parenting Resource from United Way

For the full brochure visit:

Margo Davidson - Job Fair, Egg Nog Sip, Mobile Office Hours


Rep. Margo Davidson
164th Legislative District
Delaware County

Upcoming Events

Thurs., November 21, 2013
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Saint Cyril Social Hall
153 Penn Boulevard
East Lansdowne, PA, 19050

Egg Nog Sip
Mon., December 30, 2013
2 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Rep. Davidson's constituent services office
1500 Garrett Road
Upper Darby PA 19082

Mobile Office
January 4, 2014
Sellers Library
76 South State Road, Upper Darby

Mobile Office
February 1, 2014
Long Lane Mini-Station
710 Long Lane, Upper Darby

Mobile Office
March 1, 2014
Saint Laurence Catholic Church
8245 West Chester Pike, Upper Darby

Mobile Office
April 5, 2014
Rep. Davidson's District Office
1500 Garrett Road, Upper Darby

Mobile Office
May 3, 2014
Millbourne Borough Hall
9 Park Avenue, Millbourne

Mobile Office
June 7, 2014
American Legion Post
6914 Chestnut Street, Upper Darby

3rd Annual Community Job Fair
August 2, 2014
Long Lane Mini-Station
710 Long Lane, Upper Darby

Mobile Office
September 6, 2014
Immanuel Lutheran Church
65 Penn Blvd., East Lansdowne

Mobile Office
October 4, 2014
Sellers Library
76 South State Road, Upper Darby
*This is also a shredding event

Mobile Office
November 1, 2014
Millbourne Borough Hall
9 Park Avenue, Millbourne

Mobile Office
December 6, 2014
Rep. Davidson's District Office
1500 Garrett Road, Upper Darby

Volunteer Opportunity - JFCS Thrift Boutique

SHOP OR VOLUNTEER AT THE JFCS THRIFT BOUTIQUE located at 8948 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136! Open Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30am-4pm (and occasional Sundays). Visit

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Date Rape Seminar

Job Fair

Pennsylvania House Of Representatives
Stay InformedPhotosVisit My WebsiteContact Me

            Thursday: Davidson holding fifth job fair
Area residents are invited to my fifth job fair, which will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 21 at Saint Cyril’s Social Hall, 153 Penn Blvd., East Lansdowne.
Industries represented at the job fair will include: health care, hospitality, customer service, security, food service and retail.
Please come to the job fair equipped with copies of your resume and dressed for success.
On-site resources will include mock interviews and interviewing tips.
There will also be an education forum at 12:15 p.m. to provide information on educational opportunities and job training that are available.
Job-seekers interested in attending the fair are asked to RSVP by calling my office at 610-259-7016 or emailing
If you know someone who might benefit from attending this job fair, please forward this email. If you received this email as a forward, you can sign up to receive my emails by clicking here.

Rep. Margo DavidsonD-164th District
Delaware County


PA House of Representatives Democratic Caucus
 PA House of Representatives Democratic Caucus
PO Box 202250 Harrisburg, PA 17120-2250
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