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Hope for Vacant Lots in Philadelphia

Legally obtain a vacant lot and transform it to make Philadelphia better. See below:

Grounded in Philly ( is an innovative web-based mapping and organizing tool that provides easy access to data on vacant lots and resources to individuals interested in starting land-based projects. "Folks in Philadelphia know how to use the land in their neighborhoods," says Amy Laura Cahn, Skadden Fellow and director of the Garden Justice Legal Initiative at the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia. "The problem is finding the information needed to make those spaces secure. Grounded in Philly consolidates information about vacant land from multiple sources, connects people to the land around them, and identifies routes to legal access."

SEPTA Fare Increas begins July 1st

Hoard the tokens, SEPTA fares increase next week

SEPTA riders may want to stock up on tokens before the price jumps to $1.80 next week, and those who pay the cash fare for buses, trolleys and subways, should get their quarters ready. The $2 cash fare will soon become $2.25.
On July 1, SEPTA will implement these and other fare changes throughout the system. 
The increase is one of SEPTA’s standard, periodical fare increases, which is designed to raise additional revenue. Even with the fare increase and new revenue streams – like an expanded advertising program that is projected to generate $14 million during fiscal year 2014 – SEPTA’s proposed $1.3 billion fiscal year 2014 operating budget has a $38 million shortfall. 


For now, tokens will increase from $1.55 to $1.80, and the cash fare for transit rides will increase from $2 to $2.25.
When SEPTA begins using its smartcard-based payment system, also known as New Payment Technology (NPT), sometime next year, the cash fare will increase again to $2.50. Though tokens will be phased out after NPT begins, passengers using the new smartcards will eligible for the discounted, $1.80 fare. 
As of July 1, passengers will still be able to purchase $1 paper transfer tickets, but after the NPT system is live, SEPTA will do away with the $1 paper transfers. Only passengers using a smartcard will get the discounted transfer rate. 


On regional rail the fare increase is slightly more complicated. As part of the fare increase, the system’sfive fare zones will be consolidated into four zones. All current Zone 5 stations will become Zone 4 stations. Several but not all current Zone 4 stations will become Zone 3 stations. Eastwick will change from a Zone 2 to a Zone 1 station, and North Broad Street and North Philadelphia stations will become Zone 1 stations. 
Advance purchase tickets for Zones 1-4 will increase anywhere from $0.25 and $0.75 depending on the zone and time of day. Weekday tickets purchased on board the train for Zone 1 will jump from $4 to $6. Weekday Zone 2 – 4 tickets purchased on board will increase by $1. Weekend and evening tickets purchased on board will all increase by $1. 
Beginning July 1, SEPTA will do away with discounted roundtrip regional rail fares, meaning passengers will no longer be able to purchase discounted roundtrip tickets onboard regional rail trains. 
When NPT is implemented on the regional rail system, all onboard ticket sales will be phased out. The cost of weekday tickets paid for with a smartcard will actually decrease to, in some instances, less than the current, pre-July 1, weekday prices. 


Across the board, passes will also increase. 
Weekly and monthly TransPasses will increase from $22 to $24 and $83 to $91, respectively. Weekly and monthly TrailPasses will increase as well. The largest jump will be in Zone 4 where the cost of a weekly TrailPass will go from $47.75 to $53 and a monthly pass will go from $176 to $191. Much of this difference is due to the zone restructuring and consolidation.
Convenience, Independence and Independence Family passes will all increase by $1.  
SEPTA will impose ride limits on weekly and monthly TransPasses. Weekly passes will only be valid for 56 rides, and monthly passes will only be valid for 240 rides. Those limits were increased slightly after passengers and passenger advocate groups raised concern at public hearings this spring. 


In response to other concerns raised at these hearings, SEPTA made a few other modifications to its initial fare increase proposal. As a result, the cost of CCT paratransit rides will remain $4, rather than increase $4.50. The weekly and monthly TransPass fares have been lowered slightly, and SEPTA will continue to accept TransPasses on the Airport Regional Rail Line until the NPT system is in place. 

Philadelphia-PHA to Auction Off Abandoned Houses on July 16th

The Philadelphia Housing Authority announced Tuesday that it would auction off around 200 vacant and blighted scattered sites, in partnership with Max Spann Real Estate and Auction Company. The auction will take place at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, July 16th, at 3801 Market Street.
PHA has been working to dispose of its scattered sites. It currently controls 4,000 such homes, down from a peak of 8,000, according to Kelvin Jeremiah, the Authority’s president and CEO. Around 1,700 of the sites are vacant, Jeremiah said. A 2011 auction saw the sale of 341 PHA scattered sites and earned the Authority around $6.4 million, according to a press release. The Authority hopes to bring in between $3 million and $4 million through the July auction for its own operating budget.
The auction was announced Tuesday morning in front of one of the houses to be offered, a dilapidated, boarded-up, brick row home on the 2100 block of North Marston Street, in Strawberry Mansion. Jeremiah said the property is exemplary of the types of homes that will be auctioned in July, a map of which can be seen here.
The homes will be auctioned individually, said Max Spann, Jr., president of the Max Spann auctioning company, and anyone may bid. Spann said previous auctions of similar properties saw a range of sale prices from $6,000 to $300,000. The property where the announcement was made, he said, would likely be on the lower end of that spectrum.

WaWa Welcome America

Wawa Welcome America!
The annual blockbuster festival, Wawa Welcome America, returns this July with its ever-impressive multiday festival lineup.
From July 1 to 7, family-friendly events occur all over Philadelphia including the popular Wawa hoagie day, the super scooper all-you-can-eat ice cream festival, outdoor movie screenings, numerous fireworks shows and the 4th of July Jam.
This year’s jam on the parkway will be hosted by Kevin Hart and features John Mayer, Demi Lovato, Ne-Yo, Jill Scott, J. Cole, Grace Potter, Ben Taylor and The Roots.

University Dining Days

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Jobs for Students - See if your school is eligible.

Summer jobs are available for students of these schools:
SchoolReferral Code
West PhiladelphiaSWES
Here’s what you’ll need to apply online:
1. A professional email address that you check regularly.
You will need an email address to begin an application. Your email address is often the first thing that an employer will see, so you want to make sure that it gives a good impression.

  • If you do not have an email address, or want to create a new, more professional email address, you can sign up for free through a web-based email provider such as Gmail or Outlook (formerly Hotmail).
  • It is a good idea to include your name in your email address. One standard approach is to use your first initial followed by your last name. So, John Smith’s address would be Another is to use your first name followed by a period and your last name. In this case, it would
  • Once you complete the online WorkReady application, we will send important messages to the email address you submit, so check it frequently for updates.
NOTE: Some young people who have yahoo accounts have experienced issues receiving important WorkReady information; for this reason, we encourage you to use another email provider when completing the WorkReady online application.
2. Enter the referral code for your school.
You’ll be asked for this code while completing the online application.
What’s next: Enrollment
Once you submit your application online, this is the next step. (If you haven’t completed the online application yet, don’t worry! There will be computers available for you on-site.)
Enrollment will take place now through June 29 at:
Urban Affairs Coalition
1207 Chestnut Street, 4th floor
Monday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Learn more and provide your feedback on my website at as well as on Facebook andTwitter (@SenatorHughes).

Offices of State Senator Vincent Hughes

4950 Parkside Avenue | Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Phone: 215.879.7777
Fax: 215.879.7778
Senate Box 203007
Harrisburg, PA 17120-3007
Phone: 717.787.7112
Fax: 717.772.0579

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Men's Health Screenings

6 Routine Screenings for Men's Health

Skipping important health tests could be a matter of life and death, especially for men, who are less likely to see their doctors on a regular basis anyway. Don't ignore these essential routine screenings.

Medically reviewed by Farrokh Sohrabi, MD
When it comes to men and health care, the numbers don’t lie: Compared with women, men are 24 percent less likely to visit their doctors in any given year and 22 percent less likely to get their cholesterol checked. They’re also less willing to be screened for cancer, despite the fact that their cancer mortality rates are higher.
“Men are stubborn about getting routine health screenings for several reasons,” says Jennifer Landa, MD, a preventive medicine specialist in private practice in Orlando, Fla. “One is fear: They are afraid that something might be wrong with them. Second, a lot of men tell me that they are simply too busy. Third, men don’t tend to be as tuned in to their bodies as women, so they don’t notice small telltale signs that things are amiss and just figure any changes can be chalked up to age.”
The problem, she says, is that skipping these routine tests for men’s health can often be a matter of life and death. “Screenings are important because they help us catch disease early,” says Dr. Landa.
Fortunately, most men’s health screenings are simple and quick and can be given in your regular physician’s office. Here are six to add to your preventive care plan now:

Blood Pressure Test

blood pressure screening is one of the easiest, most painless things you can do for your health. It’s so simple, in fact, that there’s just no excuse not to do it. You often don’t even need to go to the doctor — many pharmacies have machines that can check your blood pressure right there in the store.
The National Institutes of Health currently recommends that men between the ages of 18 and 64 be screened at least once every two years, but your doctor may advise more frequent tests depending on how high your numbers are. “The optimal blood pressure ranges are getting tighter,” Landa says. “Optimal is now considered less than 120/80, and 110/70 has been shown in some studies to be the blood pressure associated with better clinical outcomes.” If your readings are high, your doctor can suggest simple lifestyle changes to decrease them, such as putting you on a salt-restricted diet. “Exercise and weight loss are two other interventions that work great to lower blood pressure,” Landa adds.

Cholesterol Test

A cholesterol check is also simple and vital to overall heart health as you age. Measured with a simple blood test, cholesterol screenings for men’s health are recommended every five years. You may need them more often, however, if you are over age 45, at high risk for heart disease, or have high levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol or low levels of “good” HDL cholesterol. Optimal cholesterol is less than 200 milligrams per deciliter, but the ratio is important as well, Landa says. “If a patient has an elevated total cholesterol and a very high HDL mg/dL, I may consider the total cholesterol elevation irrelevant.” She adds that the optimal LDL is under 100 mg/dL but that some laboratories consider up to 130 mg/dL acceptable. The optimal triglyceride level is under 150 mg/dL.

Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate cancer screening has been the subject of some controversy recently, in part because of concern over the possibility of false positives and overtreatment, but many experts say men should still be tested. The primary method of screening is the PSA (prostate specific antigen) test, which measures the level of PSA in your blood. Optimal levels are usually considered to be under 4 ng/mL (nanograms per milliliter).
“The necessity of the PSA test has recently been questioned, but since its institution we have seen a 40 percent decline in the rate of prostate cancer,” Landa notes. “On the other side of the coin, because the test is not specific for just prostate cancer and [PSA levels] can be raised by other conditions, some question whether it leads to unnecessary intervention when there is a false positive." She recommends discussing with your doctor whether PSA testing is right for you. Another screening option is the digital rectal exam, during which the doctor physically checks your rectum for signs of cancer. Opinion varies widely on how often you should be screened, so talk with your doctor about what kind of schedule is right for you.

Colon Cancer Screening

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, 103,170 new cases of colon cancer will be diagnosed this year alone — more than half of which will be in men. Because of this, current guidelines say that men should start getting checked at age 50.
There are several testing options for colon cancer. A colonoscopy, for example, involves checking the entire colon with a camera on a flexible tube. A flexible sigmoidoscopy is similar but checks just the lower third of the colon. A CT colonography is a less invasive test that examines the colon using computerized tomography, or a CT scan. And a double-contrast barium enema involves filling the colon with a contrasting substance that will help doctors see problems on an X-ray. “Beginning at age 50, men should receive a flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years, a colonoscopy every 10 years, a double-contrast barium enema every 5 years, or a CT colonography every 5 years,” says Robert T. Grant, MD, a surgeon with New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center.

Skin Cancer Check

“Men are actually two to three times more likely to get nonmelanoma basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers than women are, and their risk increases as lifetime exposure to sun accumulates,” says Dr. Grant. “About every three months, men should do a self-examination for new or changing skin lesions.” Also be sure to ask your doctor to check your skin, head to toe, during your yearly physical as part of regular preventive care.

Diabetes Test

“One-third of Americans with diabetes don't know they have it,” Grant says. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, blindness from damage to the blood vessels of the retina, nerve damage, and impotence. “If your family has a history of diabetes, consult with your doctor to see how often you should be tested,” he adds.
If you show some of the symptoms of diabetes, your doctor will probably check you with a blood test known as a fasting plasma glucose test. If results come back greater than or equal to 126 mg/dL on two separate tests, you may have type 2 diabetes.

Don’t let fear keep you from these important checks. “When diseases are picked up early, they are easier to treat and respond better to treatment,” says Landa. “In the case of preventive medicine, the way I practice, I frequently find diseases in the state before they are even diseases.”

Weekend Getaway - Atlantic City

Greater Love Child & Family Academy

Good Evening,
I am excited to announce the opening of The Greater Love Child & Family Academy, Inc. located at 59th & Baltimore Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19143 (484-477-2326).  We are kicking off the summer with the Life Explorer's day camp for school aged girls & boys, grades K-8  M-F from 8am to 4pm. Life Explorers is designed to offer a fun and exciting summer experience where kids receive academic enrichment, dance, arts & crafts, sports, breakfast and lunch, all in a safe and caring environment.
If you or anyone you know is in need of day camp services, please forward them the information below.  We are accepting registration and services begin right away. We have a special for the week: Register this by Fridayand each week will be $45. We have specials for families with multiple kids from the same household. We solicit your prayers and support as we continue to shoulder the load of keeping kids safe and families supported.
Thank you in advance,
Sharifah Ali-Bey, MSS, LSW

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Job Posting - Gift Officer

The Jewish Federation of New Jersey is currently looking to fill the following positions:

Gift Officer
Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey seeks an experienced Gift Officer who will be responsible for identifying, engaging, cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding current and prospective donors, in expanding their financial support of the work of our system of agencies.  . Coordinate all corporate development activities (Community Partners) in conjunction with CEO. Works with CEO to create and implement evaluation process for funds development.  The Gift Officers report to the Chief Executive Officer. 

Primary Responsibilities:
·         Secure gifts from a portfolio of prospects.
·         Research and identify potential high net worth prospects from a variety of sources to identify a prospect pool of individuals capable of increased significant giving to our system.
·         Work closely with the programmatic and communications teams to develop materials directed at individual donors/prospects, such as highly personalized proposals that are in line with donor interests and programmatic priorities.
·         Develop, generate, and review monthly performance reports for Federation funds development staff.
·         Assist in other financial development projects as assigned.


·         Bachelor’s degree in communications, English, journalism, or related field
·         Six years of relevant fundraising, sales and/or non-profit experience.
·         Fundraising or nonprofit experience a plus strong project management skills required.
·         Excellent writing, editing, and speaking skills, some design. Visual communications a strong plus.
·         Event planning skills a plus: demonstrated attention to detail in a relevant context a must.
·         Proficient in MS office applications
·         Comfort with using relationship management databases
·         Ability to plan and manage own work flow, priorities and results accomplished.
·         Requires the ability to present and disseminate data to various levels.

This is a part-time position.  Please send resume or via fax at 856-673-2530.  EOE

Events Planner
The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey cares for those in need, enhances Jewish life and ensures the continuity of a vibrant Jewish community locally, in Israel and around the world.  The Federation seeks an experienced Events Planner who will be responsible for coordinating our major campaign events.  The Events Planner reports to the Campaign Director. 
Primary Responsibilities:

·         Coordinating all of the logistics for our ongoing events (Super Sunday, Men’s events, Women’s events and affinity groups.)
  • The Event Planner plans, implements and manages a portfolio of smaller to mid-level Federation special events that support the mission and increases awareness of our system of agencies. These events can include fundraising events, community building events, parlor meetings, stewardship events, conferences, meetings, forums, phone-a-thons and/or lectures.
  • Schedules meetings with lead Campaign staff to strategize and determine the type and scale of the event, its needs, budget, roles and responsibilities as they relate to the event. Assists with developing long- and short-term goals and plans for events. Conducts "Event Evaluations" at project conclusion.
  • Works in collaboration with Campaign Director on the production of large-scale events.
    Interacts with staff (and volunteers when necessary) to assure that all aspects of the event are coordinated from start to finish
·         Assures that the event is kept on schedule and within budget.

·         Bachelor’s degree.
·         Fundraising or nonprofit experience a plus strong project management skills required.
·         Proficient in MS office applications
·         Comfort with using relationship management databases
·         Ability to plan and manage own work flow, priorities and results accomplished.
·         Requires the ability to present and disseminate data to various levels.
  • 3-5 years professional experience in event planning

This is a part-time position.  This position my require the candidate to work nights and weekends as needed.  Please send resume to or via fax at856-673-2530.  EOE

Monday, June 17, 2013

Free Glaucoma Screening

FROM:   Wills Eye Institute partnered with Catholic Social Services - Casa Del Carmen
WHAT:   FREE glaucoma Screening!   FREE eye health presentation by: Shayla Stratford, BS
DESCRIPTION:   Topics include: What is glaucoma? Are you at risk for glaucoma?
Sign up for FREE glaucoma Screening and Examination  (not for eyeglass prescription or second opinions).
June 17 - Workshop #1 from 10 - 11AM
June 21 - Screening from 9AM - 2PM
June 24 - Workshop #2 from 10 - 11AM
June 27 - Screening from 9AM - 2PM
July 15 - Screening from 9AM - 2PM
July 17 - Screening from 9AM - 2PM
Flyers attached in English and Spanish.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll

The super popular Baltime Avenue Dollar Stroll returns for 2013 on June 13 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. From 42nd Street to 50th Street on Baltimore Avenue, area vendors will provide discounted items from their shops for just one dollar.

Online Educational Programs

Stop The Summer Slide with These Great Online Educational Programs

Summer vacation is only a few short weeks away, and if you’re like many parents, you may worry about the academic summer slide.  You know, that time when our children forget much of what they learn during the academic year, and their brains turn to mush.

I jest, of course, but there is a summer slide, which is why teachers must spend weeks reviewing last year’s material when school resumes in August or September.

For the last few years, I’ve attempted to stop the summer slide with my son, specifically with math.  He’s a voracious reader and is an excellent student in English and social studies, but he’s weak in math, and the last thing he needs is to fall further behind during the summer.
One program we love to stop the summer slide is K5 Learning.
K5 Learning

This program is great for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade.  When the student signs up, they take an assessment so they’re placed at the right level.  The assessment isn’t based on grade level but at the student’s ability.

Then, there are four areas the program concentrates on–reading, spelling, math and math facts.

My son loves this program because it has a video game feel to it.  Plus, after he’s done a quiz, he earns 5 minutes of arcade time.

We’ve been using the program extensively with math facts as he tries to master multiplication facts.  After a quiz, he can play a game that reinforces the facts he just learned such as Math Jong.  Like Mahjong, Math Jong has tiles that you must match, but the tiles have cartoon faces, multiplication problems like 11 x 9, and answers like 99.  You must match the faces or the multiplication problem and answer to clear the tiles.

Parents will probably like that the arcade time is limited to 5 minutes.  Then, the student must practice again and take a quiz to earn more arcade time.  Best of all, I’ve seen my son improve dramatically in his knowledge of math facts by using this program.

On Line Rental Scams

Scammers have found all kinds of ways to rip off people hunting for apartments via online ads. Here's how to avoid these schemes.
Money Talk News
Related stories:

Michael Tammaro, photographer of celebrities like Tina Fey, Courtney Cox and Kate Bosworth, pleaded guilty earlier this year to grand larceny. He’d been accused to stealing more than $62,000 from prospective tenants of his New York City apartment, reported The New York Post.

How? Through a Craigslist rental scam.

If you’re shopping online for an apartment (and what hopeful renter isn’t these days?) it’s hard to tell if those blurry photos are just due to the landlord’s low-quality camera, or if he’s trying to hide something. Scams are everywhere online and falling for one can cost you big. One of Tammaro’s victims was out $25,000, authorities said.
How do you know if you’re getting a real deal or a raw one? Knowing what scams are out there is a good place to start.

1. The 419 scheme
This scam, which has been around in one form or another since the 1980s, became so prevalent in recent years that it merited its own FBI website. The name comes from a Nigerian penal code, which is often where these “landlords” are based.
Here’s what happens: You send an email inquiring about an apartment ad you saw online, usually with an enticingly low rent. The landlord responds and says he’s leaving the country immediately and needs you to wire money to an overseas location to cover the first and last month’s rent.
The problem is, the property is not his and is not for rent, which you find out after your money is gone.

2. The fake rental
I almost fell for this one myself. You see an ad for a nice place, probably below the going rental rate. You send an email asking for a showing and start getting the runaround. They can’t show you the place today because the current tenant is still living there, it’s being repaired, or they’re out of town, but they’re really excited to have you lease the place. Just send a money order and it’s yours.
Turns out the apartment isn’t available for rent at all. The “landlord” pulled the photo and information off a real estate sales website and made a fake ad.

3. The identity thieves
You see an ad for a too-good-to-be-true apartment on Craigslist with a hyperlink at the bottom telling you to click for more information. When you do, you’re taken to a credit application page. If you follow up with an email, you’re told you have to fill out the application before you can see the place.

You do, and someone now has your Social Security number, driver’s license number, and other important personal information. You don’t get a new apartment, and someone else gets a new credit card in your name.

4. Another take on the phantom apartment
It usually goes like this: You see a great ad, no clear photos of the outside, but the inside of the apartment looks perfect. You send off an email, but you never get a response. But you are inundated with rent-to-own and other email spam.

5. The long-distance roommate
If you’re simply looking for a roommate, there’s a scam for that too. Here’s the situation: You post an ad listing the room for rent. Someone responds, you work out the details and she sends you a check — but it’s for too much. Your new roomie asks you to send a money order for the difference. She needs it for moving costs, after all. You do, her check bounces, and you’re out the cash.

Here are a few ways to detect and avoid scams:

Research the address. Pull up the address online and make sure the photos and any other details in the ad match what you find online. Ask for the address if it’s not listed in the ad.
Look for local numbers. It’s not always the case, but a nonlocal toll-free number may indicate a scam.
Check the WhitePages. Do a reverse phone lookup for the landlord’s number. It should list the name and location.
Know your rental rates. Research the rental prices in your area. Anything too low is suspicious.
Don’t fill out forms. You don’t need to fill out an application before you check out a rental.
Don’t give out personal info. Don’t give the landlord personal information until you’ve met him in person, viewed the rental and decided to sign a lease. If you really want to cut down on spam, set up a new email account and use a free phone service like Google Voice to contact landlords.
Don’t send money. A landlord should be willing to meet you, show you the apartment, and take a check in person. If they ask you to send money, it could be a scam.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Caregiver Support

Banner graphic for Careliving Community Stationery

Photo of Tami and RobOn Aug. 24, 2012, my life was forever changed. My husband, Rob, had an ischemic stroke that affected the right side of his brain, leaving him with left-side neglect. While Rob was still in the hospital, I did as much research as I could on strokes—anything I could get my hands on—and found the Careliving℠ Community site. For me, having an online support group was a complete lifesaver.
Between going to work during the day, visiting Rob in the evenings and coming home at night, there was no time to go to an actual support group. Having somewhere to go to vent, ask questions and share victories was truly priceless.
Join Careliving todayIt wasn’t long before my focus shifted from sharing about Rob to reading the other members’ stories and wondering how everyone was doing. The other members have helped me learn what to do (and what not to do!) as a caregiver.
There is a feeling of camaraderie in being able to go to a website in the middle of the night in your darkest moments and share watching your loved one’s struggle with other people who are as tired and heartbroken as you are.
I urge anyone who is caring for a stroke survivor to join Careliving Community. I know sometimes it feels like there is no time, but please trust me when I say you honestly have to find time somewhere to take a little bit of time for you!
Tami Daniel
Careliving Community member since November 2012
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9707 E. Easter Lane, Suite B, Centennial, CO 80112
1-800-STROKES (787-6537)
National Stroke Association © 2013 All rights reserved.

Youth Workshop: Digital Media Lab

YOUTH WORKSHOP: Digital Media Lab

DATES: Mondays, June 10, 17, 24, July 1, 8, 15; TIME: 4:30PM - 6:30PM; SPRING 2013
Instructor: Jonathan Farbowitz
Fee: $0FREE and Open to all young people ages 11 to 19. Please call us at 215 222 4201 for more information or to register.
Each student will produce a short video based on their in-class experimentation with different modes of storytelling, including Japanese haiku poem and the personal essay. Students will be introduced to video camera operation, sound, editing and digital media production techniques.
(Click the workshop title above for more information.)

Scribe Video Center - Free Orientation

Orientation to Scribe I

DATES: Monday, July 15; TIME: 6:30PM-7:30PM; SUMMER 2013
Instructor: Scribe Staff
Fee: $0FREE; Please call 215.222.4201 or email to register for orientation.
An overview of all the resources of Scribe Video Center. This orientation session will direct you to the resources, workshops and programs that can get your project off the ground. Scribe staff will be on hand to answer your questions and to give details about all our program offerings. If you are new to Scribe, please plan to attend one of these introductory sessions.
(Click the workshop title above for more information.)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Job Posting - Development Assistant

Mentor Training

Words to Strike from your Resume

Final Cut: Words to Strike from Your Resume
Elizabeth Lowman, Forbes Magazine
If you’ve applied for a job recently, you’ve probably looked over that 8½ x 11” summary of your career more times than you can count—and tweaked it just as often—in pursuit of the perfect resume.
But before you add another bullet point, consider this: It’s not always about what you add in—the best changes you can make may lie in what you take out.
The average resume is chock-full of sorely outdated, essentially meaningless phrases that take up valuable space on the page.
Eliminate them, and you’ll come off as a better, more substantial candidate—and your resume won’t smack of that same generic, mind-numbing quality found on everyone else’s.
Every word—yes, every word—on that page should be working hard to highlight your talents and skills. If it’s not, it shouldn’t be on there. So grab a red pen, and banish these words from your resume for good.
1) Career Objective
My first few resumes had a statement like this emblazoned top and center:
“Career objective: To obtain a position as a [insert job title here] that leverages my skills and experience as well as provides a challenging environment that promotes growth.”
Yawn. This is not only boring; it’s ineffective (and sounds a little juvenile, to boot). The top of your resume is prime real estate, and it needs to grab a hiring manager’s attention with a list of your top accomplishments, not a summary of what you hope to get out of your next position.
2) Experienced
You can be “experienced” in something after you’ve done it once—or every day for the past 10 years. So drop this nebulous term and be specific. If, for example, you’re a Client Report Specialist, using a phrase such as“Experienced in developing client reports” is both vague and redundant. But sharing that you “Created five customized weekly reports to analyze repeat client sales activity”—now that gives the reader a better idea of where exactly this so-called experience lies, with some actual results attached.
Also eliminate: seasoned, well-versed
3) Team Player
If you’ve ever created an online dating profile, you know that you don’t just say that you’re nice and funny—you craft a fun, witty profile that shows it. Same goes for your resume: It’s much more effective to list activities or accomplishments that portray your good qualities in action than to simply claim to have them.
Instead of “team player,” say “Led project team of 10 to develop a new system for distributing reports that reduced the time for managers to receive reports by 25%.” Using a specific example, you show what you can actually accomplish. But simply labeling yourself with a quality? Not so much.
Also eliminate: people person, customer-focused
4) Dynamic
While resumes are meant to highlight your best attributes, some personality traits are better left to the hiring manager to decide upon for herself. There is a difference between appropriately and accurately describing your work skills and just tooting your own horn. Plus, even the most introverted wallflower will claim to be “dynamic” on a piece of paper because, well, why not? When it comes to resumes, keep the content quantifiable, show tangible results and successes, and wait until the interview to show off your “dynamism,” “enthusiasm,”or “energy.”
Also eliminate: energetic, enthusiastic
5) References Available Upon Request
All this phrase really does is take up valuable space. If a company wants to hire you, they will ask you for references—and they will assume that you have them.There’s no need to address the obvious (and doing so might even make you look a little presumptuous!). Use the space to give more details about your talents and accomplishments instead.
In a crummy job market with a record number of people applying for the same positions, it takes more than a list of desirable-sounding qualities to warrant an interview. Specific examples pack a punch, whereas anything too dependent on a list of buzzwords will sound just like everyone else’s cookie-cutter resume. So, give your resume a good once-over, and make sure every word on that page is working hard for you.