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Skip The Soda

Nix This Item and Lose 26 Pounds!

Cutting out liquid calories (from soda, lemonade, or juices) is one of the most important and effective steps for weight loss. If you skip just one 20-ounce soda a day for a year, you'll save 91,000 calories — and lose up to 26 pounds!

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The Alternative Daily
April 29th, 2013
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The Top 5 Most TOXIC Artificial Colors (one is made from beetles, another is made from coal tar, and don't forget antifreeeze! mmmmm...)

Latest Health Updates:
Real Food is 5 Ingredients or Less! (the answer to "Well, what can we eat?")

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What kind of Olive Oil is in your kitchen?

The Alternative Daily

April 27th, 2013
Dear Alt Daily Reader,
I bring you an urgent warning today about one of America's most popular health foods -- a food that's probably in your kitchen cabinet right now -- extra virgin olive oil. And the worst type I'm warning you about is any bottle you've purchased in an American supermarket or gourmet store. Problem is, you have no idea what's in that bottle! I think you'll be as shocked as I was when you read this disturbing news and wonder...
How DARE Anyone Sell Us Food Like This?
Please understand, I'm not talking about all olive oil. Far from it. Good, fresh, authentic, and pure extra virgin olive oil is one of Mother Nature's most delicious healing marvels. As a reader of Alternative Daily, you already know I feel strongly that consuming high-quality, healthy fats like pure olive oil is one of the most effective ways to maintain a lean and fit body. That's because healthy fats like olive oil help you feel full longer. Also, when you replace empty carb calories with healthy fat calories, you help stoke your body's Fat Burning Furnace to burn more fat, including fat reserves you're carrying around your stomach, butt, hips, legs, and other problem areas.
What's more, studies show that pure, authentic extra virgin olive oil also helps you ease inflammation ... protects you against heart disease, stroke, and even certain cancers ... is a godsend for achy joints ... and lowers blood pressure and bad (LDL) cholesterol.
However, you gain these benefits only if you and your family are consuming pure, authentic extra virgin olive oil.
And That's the Problem!
If you buy your olive oil in an American supermarket or gourmet store, prepare to be shocked. As documented by several of America's most respected media, much if not most of the olive oils in your local supermarket and gourmet store are fraudulent, adulterated, stale, and even rancid.
For example, independent tests at the University of California, Davis, found that 69% of the store-bought olive oils they tested turned out to be fake!
The New York Times reports that “50 percent of the olive oil sold in America is, to some degree, fraudulent.” This includes many well-known and expensive brands. “American grocery stores are awash in cheap, fake ‘extra virgins,’” says The Wall Street Journal. CBS News adds: “Consumers who think they're buying one of the healthiest foods on the planet often get something very different.”
Please Check Out This M.D.'s "Consumer Guide"
to the Best Olive Oils
If you click on the blue link below, you'll read a fascinating report on why America has become a dumping ground of counterfeit, inferior, and even harmful olive oil, and why this is not likely to change anytime soon.
But you'll also discover an M.D.'s “consumer guide” to the world’s purest, freshest, healthiest olive oils ... two tips on how to buy safe and pure olive oil no matter where you shop ... an insider's secret about how to read the "code" on the bottle that should tell you how fresh the oil is (beware: it's NOT the "expiration" or "best used by" date!) ... and how to store your oil so it doesn't grow stale or rancid.
You'll also see that there are some exceptional olive oils out there that put virtually all of America's store-bought oils to shame. They are the purest, freshest, highest-rated award-winning olive oils in the world, but have seldom if ever been available in the U.S. until recently.
How About a Free Sample Bottle of One of the Best? (Normally $39 Retail Price!)
I know first-hand about all this because a few months ago a friend of mine told me about his "secret source" of the world's finest authentic extra virgin olive oil, sent directly to him straight from the latest harvests around the world. My friend told me that this company will even send me a free, full-size sample bottle to introduce me to their extraordinary award-winning oils. I said, "Sure. I'll accept a free bottle of great olive oil any day!"
Well, as promised, their oil was astonishingly fresh and flavorful. It was even independently certified to be 100% pure and bursting with super-high polyphenols, the ingredients that bestow olive oil's extraordinary health benefits. This olive oil just blew me away. No other olive oil I've ever tasted even comes close.
The company that sent it was founded by a man named T. J. Robinson (aka "The Olive Oil Hunter"). As an award-winning food journalist, he became appalled by the grossly inferior, counterfeit, and adulterated olive oil being shipped to America's stores. He's now a leading voice of reform in the olive oil industry. He's also on a mission to identify and bring to America the finest, freshest, most healthful, and independently-certified 100% pure olive oils available in the world.
To accomplish this, he came up with a novel and most generous marketing plan. In cooperation with many of the world's most respected, small-estate and family olive oil producers, he's arranged to import and give away -- exclusively to health-minded people like you and me -- free, full-size sample bottles direct from the world's most celebrated award-winning artisanal olive oil producers.
You Must Meet 3 Qualifications to Receive Robinson's Unique Gift
These are nothing like the mass market olive oils in your local supermarket or gourmet store. These prize oils are seldom if ever available in America. That's because Robinson secures them from the finest small estate growers and passionate artisans around the world who create the most sublime and healthful olive oils that win the major awards at prestigious olive oil competitions. Until you taste these oils, you can't even imagine how superior they are to the olive oils available in American stores.
I did a little more investigation, and Robinson told me he'd be happy to make the same offer to my readers as he did with me. That is, you can receive a free, full-size bottle of one of his prize oils, fresh from the just-completed Mediterranean harvest. Even the shipping and handling all the way to your front door from the Mediterranean are free. All he asks is that you first read the report below and meet three qualifications:
1. You must live in the U.S. to receive the free bottle. (Robinson imports only to America.)
2. You must be among the first 240 to let him know you'd like a free sample bottle. (Robinson has only 20 cases -- or 240 bottles -- to give away to my readers. After they're gone, he won't have a single additional bottle).
3. You must reply by Sunday, May 5, which is when his generous offer expires, so he can get back to what he loves -- following the sun and traveling the world in search of the most divine and healthy olive oils.
To understand why this gift is so rare and valuable, and how you can secure more if you fall madly in love with it as I did, please click below to read the special report on the sad state of store-bought olive oil in America.
Believe me, this message will give you a whole new perspective on what you thought was a healthy food! You'll see why, if you want to enjoy olive oil's numerous health benefits, you must buy only the freshest, healthiest, and purest olive oil you can find.
And you should always insist that any oil you buy is independently certified to be 100% extra virgin. It's the only way to protect yourself and get true value for the good money you're spending to buy high-quality extra virgin olive oil.
And now -- thanks to Robinson "The Olive Oil Hunter" -- you'll know exactly how and where to find such oils and avoid the shameless counterfeit stuff flooding the shelves of America's supermarkets and gourmet stores.
To your health,
Jake Carney
The Alternative Daily

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Free Credit Workshop

Free Bowling For Kids

AMF Summer Unplugged
Summer Unplugged is back! Simply register your kids in the program and your two FREE games will be waiting for you at your local AMF. That's it. No coupons, vouchers or printouts necessary!
Click HereOr visit freebowling.amf.com
to learn more and register.
AMF Summer Pass
Now adults can get in on all the fun as well with an AMF Summer Pass. You and up to three guests ages 16 and up can bowl all summer long for only $34.95.
Click HereOr visit freebowling.amf.com
to learn more and register.
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Camp Sav-A-Life - Free


                    Camp Save-A-Life

 (Youth ages 10-14)

“Make new friends while learning to keep your old friends safe!”


Camp Save-a-Life provides youth with the opportunity to learn valuable disaster preparedness techniques and leadership skills. Youth will become certified in CPR and First Aid, and most importantly, they will have fun while learning how to keep their families safe!


Monday, July 8, 2013 - Friday, July 12, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013 - Friday, July 19, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013 - Friday, July 26, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013 - Friday, August 2, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013 - Friday, August 9, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013 - Friday, August 16, 2013




 9:00 am - 3:00 pm: Red Cross House

40th St. and Powelton Ave., Philadelphia, PA


Registration Deadline: Friday, June 7, 2013

*Please note: choose only ONE week for your child(ren) to attend


Space is limited. Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

The Camp is free of charge and participants will be provided with a snack and lunch daily.

You will become certified in CPR and First Aid

Please submit completed applications to:
Mike Kiley-Zufelt, Manger of Community Resiliency,
2221 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
or via email to: Mike.Kiley-Zufelt@redcross.org.














Last Name (Print):  ___________________________________________________________


First Name (Print): __________________________________________________ MI:______


Suffix: (e.g. JR, SR, etc.)______________               Nickname:_________________________


Age: ____________                                                  Date of Birth:______/_______/_____

                                                                                                           month         day            year


Gender:  Female    Male                                      T-shirt size: XS    S    M   L    XL


Home Address: ______________________________________________________________


City: ________________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: ______________


Home Phone: _________________________ Cell Phone: ____________________________


Email: _____________________________________________________________________


Grade:  (in September 2012)         4TH           5TH           6TH           7TH          8TH          9TH            


School Name:_________________________________________________________________


City: _________________________________ School District: _________________________


Camp Week: □ July 8th – 12th     □ July 15th – 19th     □ July 22nd – 26th      □ July 29th – August 2nd

                      □ August 5th - 9th       □ August 12th - 19th






Name:____________________________________ Relation: ___________________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________________


City: ________________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: ______________


Home Phone: ______________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________


Work Phone: ______________________________ Employer: __________________________




Name:____________________________________ Relation: ___________________________


Address: _____________________________________________________________________


City: ________________________________ State: __________ Zip Code: ______________


Home Phone: ______________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________

Work Phone: ______________________________ Employer: __________________________


Additional Emergency Contact


If you (the parent/guardian) cannot be reached in the case of an emergency, please list an additional person whom we can contact. If you can’t be reached, this individual may be asked to make medical decisions for your child on your behalf.

Name:____________________________________ Relation: ___________________________


Home Phone: ______________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________


Work Phone: ______________________________ Employer: __________________________





Please fill out the following questions to the best of your knowledge. Please indicate “no” in the space if the participant has none of the conditions listed in that question.


1.    Medications (Please include prescription and over-the-counter medications.)




2.    Allergies (Please list any allergies to medications, bug bites/stings, food, etc.)




3.    Medical conditions in which we should know about (i.e. asthma, diabetes, heart disease, recent surgery, past/present seizures.)




4.    Family history of diseases (in case your child displays any symptoms.)




5. Are all immunizations up to date?   Yes        No




Note: No one will be excluded from participation due to the lack of health insurance.


Name of Insured (name on the card):________________________________________________


Company or Plan:___________________________________Phone_______________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City:________________________    State: ____________________  Zip: __________________


Policy # :__________________________________    Group # :__________________________





This plan is considered (please check on e of the following):

q  HMO (Health Maintenance Organization

q  PPO (Preferred Provider Organization                Other: Please specify: ________________

Participant Agreement and Parental (Guardian) Waiver/Consent


I, the undersigned, give my permission for the below named youth to attend the 2013 American Red Cross Camp Save-A-Life at the Red Cross House, 40th and Powelton Sts., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from: □ July 8th – 12th  □ July 15th – 19th  □ July 22nd – 26th  □ July 29th – August 2nd

                                □ August 5th - 9th       □ August 12th - 19th.

 In the event of an emergency, if neither parent/guardian nor the person(s) on emergency contact section can be reached, I hereby authorize the Red Cross Adult Staff, and/or hospital doctors/personnel (if participant needs hospital care) to take any action deemed necessary for the best interests of the below named youth for whom I am responsible.


I, the undersigned, know that participation in certain activities of the American Red Cross Camp Save-A-Life could be potentially hazardous.  I will not participate in any activities of the Camp Save-A-Life unless physically able.  I certify that my physical condition will enable me to participate in the Camp Save-A-Life.  Further, I agree to abide by any decision of the staff relative to my ability to participate in any activity of the Camp Save-A-Life.


I, the undersigned, give my permission for my daughter/son to administer his/her own prescription and /or non-prescription medication that s/he will bring to the American Red Cross Camp Save-A-Life.  I understand that the American Red Cross and/or Red Cross staff will not be responsible for dispensing, tracking, or administering these medications.


I, the undersigned, hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the American Red Cross and elect to participate in the American Red Cross Camp Save-A-Life at my own risk, and in consideration for being allowed to participate in the American Red Cross Camp Save-A-Life, I do hereby release and discharge the American Red Cross, its assignees, officers, agents, employees, and officials from any and all liability (including, without limitation, personal injury and property damage) that may be incurred by me (or my minor child) as a result of participation in the American Red Cross Camp Save-A-Life, except where the same is caused by the willful misconduct of the American Red Cross.


Participant Name:______________________________________________________________

Participant Signature:___________________________________________________________

Participant Phone Numbers:_________________________home_____________________cell



Parent/Guardian Name:__________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Phone Numbers:_____________________home_____________________cell