Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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Spring has definitely sprung! The sun, if you haven't noticed, is greeting the day earlier and leaving later. Giving us the start of those long summer days we long for all winter. This week is National Running and Fitness week and with all the nice weather we've been having how can you not want to get outside and be active? Having troubling jump-starting your workout routine? Not a problem - Natural Solutions is here to help! Whether you want to lace up those old running shoes or if you have another form of exercise that suits you better- you'll find the information you need here.

Get Moving From Zero 
There are many excuses for not exercising. Wait, let me rephrase that: There are many reasons why people do not exercise. No one to go with, time, money, consistency, desire, energy, or motivation round out the most common ones. The human body thrives on movement. Without movement, the body starts to wither. But let me be clear: Movement is not the entire solution to good health; it's only one part. Your health is dependent on four main components: exercise, nutrition, rest, and genetics. Today, however, we are going to talk about how you can get moving.
Melt Away the Pounds
The months between November and February have a tendency to be tough on the waistline when compared to the rest of the year. Starting at Thanksgiving and even pushing past Valentine's Day, holidays and marketing schemes inundate consumers with savory notions that somehow always place high-calorie foods at the forefront of an "ideal" festive scenario. It seems like cruel coincidence that these holidays all take place at the prime of hibernation season. Cold weather is a transparent invitation to stay in, carve out a spot on the sofa, and indulge your senses with smells and tastes you wouldn't dream of entertaining during bikini weather. It's no wonder you just might have a noticeable gain around the middle. This spring, shed your winter weight and keep it off!
Optimized Human Performance
Let's say you have a physical performance goal like running a 5K. Or maybe it's a bigger goal like a half or full marathon. A bicycling century. An Ironman triathlon. A big tennis tournament. A weight training competition. The Crossfit Games. Shedding 30 pounds of fat and "getting ripped." So you work hard—really hard. Every day you hit the gym, you sweat, you grit your teeth and make your muscles burn.Then one day you realize things aren't happening the way you imagined. Perhaps you plateau. Perhaps you begin to feel your energy drained every day, and taking a nap sounds far more attractive than exercising. Perhaps you get brain fog, excessive muscle soreness, sore joints, or a loss of libido. Before you know it the enjoyment and satisfaction you thought you'd derive from achieving your amazing feat of physical performance is gone, replaced by a feeling of staleness and chronic fatigue.
Savor the Flavor: Summer Barbeques
Summer is prime time for barbecues, yet while great fun, many barbecues are laden with health-damaging foods. That being said, great summer food doesn't have to compromise your health. Why not try a few easy recipes that will keep your family both well and satisfied?

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