Monday, December 29, 2014

Upcycling Your Live Christmas Tree

Isn’t it remarkably depressing to drive or walk down the road after the holidays, and see old Christmas trees kicked to the curb, to be hauled away? This year, don’t let this happen to your tree.
Instead of throwing out your tree, try one of the following ideas to give it a new purpose.
Mulch and edge your garden
Old Christmas trees are great for lots of garden uses. The needles of the tree make great mulch for flower and vegetable gardens. You can also rent a wood chipper and chip the trunk of the tree for mulch.

You can cover perennial gardens with branches of the tree to help protect them from frost. As the tree branches deteriorate they will help add nutrients to the garden, as well. If sliced into pieces, the trunk of the tree makes a great flower garden edging.
Make a bird or fish castle
An old tree is a great sanctuary for lots of animals. Lay it in your backyard for a bird haven, or set it up with feeders. Birds love hiding in the branches and using a laying tree as protection from the wind. If you decide to hang feeders, try making your own by covering pinecones in peanut butter and bird seed.
If you live near a pond or lake, puting a tree in the water gives wintering fish a great place to hide. You will need to be sure you are permitted to do this in your area. Also, make sure your tree has no chemicals on it before submerging it.
Make coasters and trivets
If you are feeling a little crafty, you can use the trunk of the Christmas tree to make coasters and trivets. Slice the trunk a few inches thick, then sand and seal the wood. The finished coasters are perfect for rustic and country decor. You could even paint the slices and use them as ornaments for next year’s tree.
Have a bonfire
Old Christmas trees make great fuel for a fun neighborhood bonfire. Make sure to chop the tree into more manageable pieces, and check the burning laws in your area. The branches and pieces of trunk also make great kindling for indoor fireplaces. Chop some up and store in a dry area. Your Christmas tree could help keep you warm the rest of winter!
Spruce branchDonate
In some areas, you can donate your old Christmas tree. Zoos and wildlife parks will sometimes take the trees to use as wildlife shelters. You can donate your tree to some cities so that they can make mulch. A few Christmas tree companies will even haul away old trees for mulch as well.
Ask around and find the best place for your tree to go. It has so many better uses than rotting in a dump heap.
-The Alternative Daily

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