Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Cards for the Holidays

This year, be creative and give the gift of a beautiful handmade holiday card. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas for inspiration.

Photo card. This is a great idea to really add a personal touch to a card. Use a blank card stock card and add a photo of your choice to the front using double sided tape.

Paper cut-out card. Use fun scissors to cut out hearts, trees, stars or any other shape you can think of. Use double sided tape to attach the colorful shapes to blank cards.

Tape holiday card. This card is made using Washi or Duct tape to form a tree or star on the front of your card. Get creative and use lots of fun colors and patterns to really make your card pop.

Hole punch card 1. This card is made by punching holes in a piece of cardstock in any shape you want. You then glue a different colored piece of paper behind the punched piece. Then, you glue that onto a blank card.

Hole punch card 2. To make this card, first punch several holes in several different colored sheets of paper. Save all of the punched out circles. Glue the circles onto a blank card in the shape of a tree, wreath, or other holiday shape.

Rubber stamped card. This is a simple but elegant idea for a card. Simply stamp holiday-themed stamps unto blank cards in your desired color.

Paper doily card. These cards are fun and simple to make. Purchase simple paper doilies and cut them to size. Glue the doilies onto blank cards to resemble snowflakes.

Felt tree card. This is a great card if you want a little texture. Cut out a triangle from a piece of felt. Hot-glue the felt onto a blank card. Cut out another piece of felt in a star shape and glue to the top of your fabric tree.

Glitter card. This is a fun sparkly card anyone can make. First, draw or trace a pattern onto a blank card. You could go for a snowman, a reindeer, or a simple star. Paint the entire shape in glue. Regular white glue works fine. Work quickly so the glue does not dry. Dump a container of glitter right onto the card, making sure to cover all the glue. Allow the glue to dry completely, then shake off the excess glitter. You should be left with only the shape you drew covered in glitter.

Wrapping paper card. This is a really unique card idea. Cut out a square piece of cardstock to begin. Use wrapping paper to simple-wrap the cardstock. Add a ribbon or two, then hot glue it to a blank card.

Sketched card. This is a great card to make if you have any doodling experience. Use a pen or pencil to draw a cute christmas scene on a blank card. Don’t forget to add some color with colored pencils.

Magazine cut-out card. This is a great card to make to put those old magazines and calendars to use. Cut out some fun images of winter scenes, animals or Christmas flowers, then glue them onto a card. You can even overlap them for a decoupage look.
Christmas Card Making SuppliesStenciled card. To make this card you will need some letter stencils. Use a pen or marker to stencil out “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, “Seasons Greetings”, or “Be Merry” on your card.

Sequin card. Sequins are fun to work with and make great holiday cards. Simply hot-glue sequins onto a blank card in any color or pattern desired.

Eraser-painted snowman card. This card is simple to make using a pencil eraser, black marker and white paint. First, dip the pencil eraser into the white paint. “Stamp” the eraser onto the paper to make little dots in the shape of a snowman. Allow the paint to dry. Add eyes, arms, and a mouth with a black marker.

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