Monday, December 22, 2014

15 Ways to Find a Gift for That Hard-to-Buy-For Person

The time for holiday shopping has begun, and needless to say, it can be a madhouse. Some people are easy to buy for – especially kids that write a list of specifics for Santa! However, some of the individuals on our shopping lists confound us year after year.
This year, try one of the following 15 ideas to bring a smile to your hard-to-buy-for loved one’s face.
  • Take a look around. Next time you visit the person’s home (or, if you live with them, their room, desk or den), look around – closely. You may know a person’s general interests, but looking deeper at pictures, bookshelves and decorations can give you an idea of a specific author, or type of sports memorabilia, for example, that they treasure.
  • If they are a collector, find out if they’re missing anything. Some collections are easier (and less expensive) to add to than others, but it’s worth it to check. You can ask them, or their family members and friends, for ideas.
  • Shop local. Local shops and vendors often carry unique, quality items that your loved one will treasure – because they’re one-of-a-kind, and they came from you.
  • Make something from the heart. Whether you knit a sweater, write a poem, paint a portrait or decorate a card, something handmade with meaning will be treasured far longer than the latest gadget.
  • Think of the children. Even if a person does not have children of their own, there may be nieces, nephews and other young extended family members on their shopping list. Maybe pick up a few gifts for the kids, to make their shopping responsibilities lighter.
  • Check Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. The comments, songs and videos that people post can give a huge clue to their specific interests. Some people will even hint at items they want or need in their updates.
  • Don’t forget Pinterest. Many people will pin photos of things they think are really cool, handy or beautiful on their Pinterest page – this can be a great source of ideas.
  • If you go for a gift card, present it well. Giving someone a gift card may sound boring, but if it’s the option you’ve decided on, present it in a handmade card, or wrapped up with ribbons and flair.
  • Create a scavenger hunt. Get a few fun items, and hide them around your house or office. Provide your loved one with a list of clues.Then, it’s time for them to get searching!
  • Extra-special wellness gifts. If your friend or family member is dedicated to their health, the holidays can be a great time to help stock their medicine cabinets. Maybe some essential oils to add to their collection, some handmade soaps or candles, a jar of coconut oil, or a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar – whatever they need.
  • Do they have a sweet tooth? Try a healthy dessert. If your loved one loves sweets, why not bake them a batch of cookies or brownies, without the evil sugar and that are gluten-free? You can find delicious recipes online which use raw honey, organic coconut crystals, or stevia leaves instead along with gluten-free flours and even no flour at all.
  • Cook for them. If you’ve got a flair for cooking, and perhaps they do not, whip up a few delicious meals, pack them into containers or glass mason jars, and stock their fridge or freezer!
  • HTake them out on the town. Plan an adventure around your city, or a nearby city, to visit all your loved one’s favorite hot spots. For bonus points, hand them an itinerary to your big night first. For small-town lovers, plan a rural adventure.
  • Offer your time. If the person in question seems to have everything, but leads a super-busy life, maybe all they’d like for the holiday is some free time. Arrange to do all of the person’s household chores (if they live with you), or figure out another way for their daily responsibilities to be covered. Then, tell them it’s their day to relax!
  • Say I love you. Oftentimes, this means more than any gift in the world. If you follow it with a hug, you’re golden.
-The Alternative Daily

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