Monday, December 14, 2015

Job Posting - Sr. Research Analyst

J O B   P O S T I N G

Position:   Sr. Research Analyst                                                  Recommended Salary: $52,000 - $60,000
Reports To:  Sr. Researcher of Data Systems                        Business Unit: Research, Policy & Innovation 

Department: Research, Policy & Innovation                         Posted:  Dec. 11, 2015 - Jan. 4, 2016                      

The Senior Research Analyst provides support for research, data and analytic projects in the Department and support to flexible teams across the organization. This team-based position does in-depth reporting from program data, builds databases combining government and program sources, creates ad hoc reports and writes memos to answer research questions, provides analyses of data and data inputs for performance management, tracks and oversees the progress of pilot programs, automates data collection where possible and writes reports.   Other responsibilities include reporting and adding expert technical assistance in meetings and data visualization.

In this position you will be responsible for the following duties:

Ensure effective use of labor market information by maintaining current labor market information for strategic planning, informing the delivery services, and making it available to internal and external audiences. Make data actionable for programs. Compile and report CareerLink/WIOA Performance metrics.  Support all internal teams with data and other information as needed. Complete population, industry and occupational analyses in support of Board Committees and external partners in analyzing the needs of special populations and industries.  Participate on evaluation research teams; gathering and analyzing program data, and writing evaluation reports.  Work with community-based organizations with workforce- related programming to support their work.  Provide Geographic Information Systems mapping and analysis of data to enhance the use of labor market information, analyze the demographic and industry composition of the region, and assist in the planning of service delivery.  Complete detail-oriented analysis of data for accuracy. Track program progress along a timeline in relation to other benchmarks. Negotiate websites to capture data and other information in different formats. Automate data collection and reporting in a SQL environment.  Build, combine and maintain databases as required. Write reports and memos as assigned.

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Social Sciences, Statistics, Planning or Business Administration or a related field with 5 or more years of experience in data analysis, 1-2 years supervisory experience, and 3 or more years external relations/customer service. (Master’s degree preferred).

Or, any combination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by the Human Resources Department

·         Knowledge of research methodologies, basic inferential statistics, and application programming.
·         Intermediate knowledge of SPSS or similar statistical software.
·         Comfortable with management of large data sets.
·         Customer service oriented.
·         Ability to create  queries in a SQL environment
·         Ability to work independently and as a team member.
·         Ablility to explain technical issues
·         Must be able to meet deadlines
·         Strong critical thinking and analytical skills
·         Intermediate skills in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, ACESS and Power Point
·         Adherence to all guidelines for confidential  and secure data
·         Build ownership over projects and deliver on these regularly
·         Ability to effectively relate to people of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, government agencies, public officials, and all levels of management and staff.
·         Desired: Knowledge of CWDS and Ad Hoc reporting
·         Desired: Knowledge of GIS, especially ArcView

Interested applicants should apply online at  and click on
 “About Us” and then “Careers at Philadelphia Works”.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program
Alternate Formats, Auxiliary Aides and Services are available upon request

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