Monday, December 14, 2015

Job Posting - Bridges to Career Opportunities Program Coordinator/Employment Coach

Company Name:                           District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund

Job Title:                                           Bridges to Career Opportunities Program Coordinator/Employment Coach
Type of Employment:                Regular Full time
Supervisor:                                     Program Manager
Department:                                  College and Career Readiness 

Position Summary:
The primary responsibility of the Bridges to Career Opportunities (BCO) Program Coordinator/Employment Coach is to coordinate with internal occupational skills training programs to provide academic bridge programming to potential students.  Additionally, this position is responsible for supporting student efforts to secure and maintain training related employment.  This position works closely with internal occupational training program coordinators and will serve 263 students over three years.  This position begins on February 1, 2016.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
  • Provide oversight of the planning, implementation and evaluation of the BCO program
  • Provide case management including employment coaching, job placement assistance, and retention services
  • Arrange and coordinate student activities and services
  • Work with occupational skills training programs to recruit, coordinate assessment, and enroll students
  • Schedule classes and assign faculty
  • Prepare instructional materials and present career education workshops
  • Meet individually with students every other week to develop a personalized career pathway
  • Monitor and evaluate student progress over the duration of the grant.
  • Facilitate group career related workshops on topics such as resume writing, interviewing, dressing for success, and managing time.
  • Work closely with internal occupational training coordinators to provide seamless services to students
  • Enter data into ETO database on a weekly basis
  • Obtain, organize, file and display guidance materials; catalog and prepare for use by students; maintain displays and bulletin boards.
  • Contact, schedule and arrange guest speakers and employers from the local business community
  • Develop and maintain a current and comprehensive occupational library including information on careers and career clusters, employment prospects and trends and employment requirements and opportunities
  • Maintain current lists and bulletins concerning scholarships and other financial aids available; provide  information concerning specialized scholarships and assistance in completing application forms.
  • Attend meetings, webinars, conferences and seminars as required
  • Operate a variety of office equipment including audio/visual equipment.
  • Perform other duties as required

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in counseling or social work, with Master’s Degree preferred
  • 3-5 years’ experience in program coordination
  • Experience with low income populations
  • Strong computer skills - Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Outlook; Microsoft Word, Windows Operating System, ETO Database

General Competencies Required:

Champions Mission: 
  • Understands and actively supports the mission of the Training Fund and District 1199C and the impact the organization has on its stakeholders.
  • Understands his/her role in supporting the growth of the Training Fund.
Commits to Service: 
  • Dedicated to meeting the expectations and needs of internal and external customers.
  • Treats colleagues as “internal customers” with commitment to understanding and addressing their expectations.
Delivers Excellence: 
  • Can be counted on to meet goals successfully, on time and to follow through.
  • Is solution oriented; takes initiative and ownership of work.
  • Takes pride in delivering a high quality product.
  • Spends time on what’s important; organizes and continuously prioritizes work.
Is Accountable for Results:
  • Achieves results by keeping commitments
  • Takes responsibility for actions, both individually and as a member of a team 
  • Acts ethically and with integrity.
  • Demonstrates a strong work ethic.
  • Responds flexibly to change; easily and positively makes transitions to the new and different.

Communicates Effectively: 
  • Communicates clearly and accurately in written and verbal form. 
  • Ensures that information is shared with whoever it will affect, directly or indirectly. 
  • Is open and respectful when giving or receiving feedback. 
  • Practices attentive and active listening.
  • Responds to conflict quickly and effectively.
  • Maintains composure under pressure.
  • Works collaboratively and cooperatively with others and across departments agency-wide.
  • Practices empathetic, non-judgmental communication.
Values Diversity: 
  • Contributes to a work environment in which individuals perceive that their uniqueness is respected and valued. 
  • Sees diversity as essential to the success of the organization

All applications and resumes should be submitted to Stephanie Webb at

DEADLINE: Monday, January 4, 2016

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