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One Step Away - Happy Birthday



Happy Third Birthday, One Step Away!

Winter 2012



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Birthday Thoughts From Our Vendors


"It means One Step Away is a success! One of the things I always want to point out, is that we couldn't have done it without people supporting us, our supporters. I always feel that One Step Away bridges the gap between the homeless community and the so-called real world, and slowly brings us back into the real world."

- Charles



"I would like to say that since I have been able to be a part of One Step Away it has helped build me up, especially during my trials and tribulations. And I am able to help myself financially through the contributions I receive.


That's why I believe this was created to bring about unity, love and culture. I have recently landed an apartment. And I would like to give my thanks to the people helping our struggles. I would like to give my thanks on this birthday anniversary."

- Tony


"Congratulations One Step Away! This year has shown OSA's growth and prosperity not just for the organization but also for the vendor core and I wish continued success."

- Calvin



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Director Emily Taylor celebrates One Step Away's 3rd birthday!



One Step Away is celebrating our third birthday-- that means we've had three years of service, offering those without shelter meaningful income and personal growth opportunities while raising awareness and advocacy for the homeless community.

A project of Resources for Human Development, our vendors better themselves and the places they live through their work with One Step Away.



A History of Service


first paper

Dainette Mintz, director of the Office of Supportive Housing in Philadelphia, gave a $1 donation to One Step Away and received the first copy of the city's first street paper in a press conference announcing One Step Away's debut at the Ridge Center shelter on

December 15, 2009.


One Step Away began operating almost entirely in the Ridge Center Shelter (which has since been closed) and the Woodstock Family Center, with 10 vendors who distributed 2,500 newspapers in our first month of existence.


Since that time, One Step Away has grown significantly. We now employ over 60 vendors from all circumstances (on the streets, in various shelters throughout the city, in transitional housing) who distribute 15,000 newspapers every month throughout the city of Philadelphia.

Over the last three years, One Step Away has helped hundreds become self-sufficient; this year alone,

15 OSA vendors have used the money they earned distributing our paper to attain housing and break the cycle of homelessness.


Our Recent Fundraising Success
Gerald's team

We had over

80 enthusiastic participants for our first ever "Spares for the Homeless" Bowling Tournament on Saturday, December 8th.

With their help, we not only had an afternoon of bowling fun with good food and drinks, we also raised $1,600 that will go directly to improving our vendor services. A big thanks to everyone involved, and we're looking forward to doing it all again next year!


Looking to Our Future Together

Papers On January 28, 2012, One Step Away editor Kevin Roberts will be speaking with the mayor and other sponsors citywide about Homelessness Has A Name, a successful film festival that One Step Away took part last October.


Also, make sure to mark your calendars for this year's "Knock Out Homelessness" event at Chickie's and Pete's on May 16, 2013 from 5-9 PM!


Why We Still Need Your Help

Dec 2012 cover With your support, One Step Away has made significant strides in helping to draw attention to, and eliminate, the problems of homelessness in Philadelphia.


Please consider helping us take action by becoming a Vendor for the Day, subscriber to our paper, or donor to One Step Away.


Thank you for your support.





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Emily Taylor


One Step Away


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