Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Children's Book - "Look In My Mirror"

New Children's Book Plants the Seeds of Positive Identity
and Healthy Self-esteem in Young Girls

Javier A. Sanchez, an internationally recognized youth communications specialist has joined with MEE to bring the importance of the father-daughter relationship into focus with the publication of Sanchez' new children's book "Look In My Mirror."

This colorful book is a resource fathers can use to give their daughters a positive identity and healthy self-esteem at a very critical time in their life. "Look In My Mirror" plants seeds of love and acceptance in the hearts and minds of young girls. It can be a strong first step towards establishing a healthy, open and loving relationship that will last a lifetime.
For fathers who struggle with knowing what to say, this book can speak volumes. The moments they spend reading this book to their daughters will become cherished memories in the unfolding of her beautiful life.
Holiday Price: $14.99 (Order Here)

Phone Special: 2 for $20.00 (Call 1-877-633-7763 to order)

For More information, visit http://www.meeproductions.com/mymirror or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lookinmymirror.

"When we look into mirrors, most of the time we are doing so not to make sure we like what we see, but to make sure those around us will like what they see. I learned this lesson from one of the most amazing daughters in the world-mine. This "Daddy's girl" brightens my day and brings joy to my heart. As soon as my wife finishes getting my daughter ready in the morning, my daughter does two very interesting things. She runs to the mirror to look at herself and then runs to find me wherever I am in the house. Without saying a word, she just stands there, patiently waiting for my response.

What I learned very quickly is that in that moment, my response can either make or break my daughter. Isa needs my approval, and most of all, my unconditional love. She wants and needs me to respond. And if I don't respond, at some time, somewhere down the line, someone else will. And unfortunately, her new responder may not have her best interest in mind." - Javier Sanchez

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