Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Need Help With PECO Bills, LIHEAP Grants Deadline - May 1st

If anyone has a heating bill or is responsible for paying the costs of heating their home, they may be eligible for a LIHEAP cash grant. 

If anyone has received a “shut-off” notice from PECO, even if they have already applied for a LIHEAP cash grant, they may be eligible for a LIHEAP crisis grant.

Attached is a flier (pages 1 and 2) explaining eligibility for LIHEAP cash and crisis grants, as well as programs available from PECO to reduce the utility bills of low income households. 

***The application deadline for applying for either a LIHEAP cash or crisis grant or both has been extended to May 1st. 

Remember, your client does not need to be in crisis (have no heat or have received a shut-off notice) to be eligible for a LIHEAP cash grant. LIHEAP cash grants are paid to people who have a home (or apartment) heating responsibility.

Please note LIHEAP cash and crisis grants is one of the most under-utilized programs of the Department of Human Services (f/k/a Department of Public Welfare) with some estimating only 65% to 70% of those eligible to receive a grant actually applying.

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