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12 Common Kitchen Remedies that Relieve Sinusitis, Earaches, Hiccups and More

Commercial medicines never seem to be quite what they are cracked up to be. Between the out-of-pocket cost and possible side effects, it is always better to use a natural remedy when one is available. Here are 12 natural remedies you can find in your kitchen cupboard:

1. Fight Morning Sickness with Lemon
Pregnancy poses a tricky time for treating problems like nausea and morning sickness. Over the counter medications are often not safe to use during pregnancy, and you can be left feeling like you have no options. The good news is there is a natural, safe remedy. The sweet, fresh citrus smell of lemons can provide natural relief from morning sickness.
For your convenience, you can keep lemon peels in a ziplock bag that can be carried anywhere in a purse or pocket. Also, drinking lemon water first thing in the morning may avert the nausea as well.
2. Use Onion Juice to Treat Earaches
Many earaches are the result of infections that sprouted after fluid was trapped in the ear canal. A great home remedy to try is onion juice. Onions have natural antiseptic properties that can stop the infection before it gets out of hand. Place an onion in a small pan of water and boil it until the onion is soft. After it has cooled, squeeze the juice into a small bowl. Then you can use a medicine dropper to apply 4–5 drops of slightly warm juice into the ear.
3. Soothe the Pain of Cooking Burns with Tea bags
One of the most common injuries that will occur in the kitchen is burns. You can put your discarded tea bags to good use as a burn treatment option. In case of a burn, place a cool, wet tea bag on burned skin for speedy pain relief.
The tannins in the tea have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and astringent properties. The tea can create a protective barrier over injured tissue to help it heal.
4. Stop a Cough with Chocolate
Cocoa contains a chemical called theobromine that naturally suppresses the nerve responsible for triggering the cough reflex. By eating two ounces of dark chocolate, you can consume as much theobromine as many commercial cough medicines.
5. Cayenne Pepper for Acute Sinusitis
Cayenne pepper contains a component called capsaicin that can work in the body as a painkiller. It is also an effective nasal decongestant. It can be taken with honey (one teaspoon of each combined for a quick elixir) up to three times a day; or you can mix one teaspoon of the pepper powder with a cup of hot water for a mucus busting drink.
6. Ease Eczema with Olive Oil
For people who suffer from eczema and dry skin, olive oil presents a great natural remedy. Olive oil is naturally packed full of vitamin A and vitamin E, which makes it a very effective moisturizing agent. After a hot shower, lightly pat your skin with a towel until it is still slightly damp and gently apply olive oil for an all-over moisturizer.
7. Stop the Hiccups with Sugar
You can stop annoying hiccups before they take hold by eating some sugar. Measure out a teaspoon of sugar and make sure to swallow it in one whole gulp.
Research has linked sugar with a stimulating effect on the vagus nerve ending in the tongue related to hiccup spasms. By stimulating the vagus nerve, it is distracted away from the hiccup reflex and usually leads to the cessation of hiccups.
8. Fight Fungus with Listerine
Toenail fungus is unsightly and sometimes painful, but a little Listerine could clear that up for you. Listerine has disinfecting and antiseptic properties. By soaking your feet in Listerine for up to 15 minutes twice a day, you could finally say goodbye to toenail fungus. It has also been known to aid in the healing of blisters.
However, it should be noted that cases have been reported of people’s feet turning green after frequent and long periods of soaking in Listerine. Although it is only a cosmetic condition and is not related to any internal or external harm. Rest assured, it does disappear over time.
9. Treat Acne with Tomatoes
Power packed with vitamin A, vitamin C and other antioxidants, tomatoes can be great for your skin. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, tomatoes can fight acne at the cellular level. hey also have a high level of acidity, which is drying to the skin.
To fight acne, try mashing a tomato into a pulp texture and spreading it like a mask on your face and neck. Allow it to set on the skin for an hour before you rinse with warm water and gently pat dry.
Breakfast table on kitchen interior background10. Soothe Stings with White Vinegar
Wasp stings can be absolutely nasty; however, because the wasp venom contains powerful alkalines, it can be neutralized by an acid, such as the type found in white vinegar. By treating the sting with a few drops of white vinegar, you can neutralize the venom and help prevent some of the irritation and tenderness from developing. You can either soak a small cotton pad and apply it to the skin or simply drizzle the vinegar directly over the sting.
11. Beat Heartburn with Baking Soda
The discomfort of heartburn can feel like a fire in your chest. Quench the burn with a few spoonfuls of baking soda in water. Baking soda neutralizes stomach acid and helps to prevent esophageal damage from backed-up stomach acids.
This remedy is not recommended for people with sodium issues or pregnant women.
12. Relax Leg Cramps with Apple Cider Vinegar
If you suffer from nighttime leg cramping, you may find a little relief in your cupboard. Next time you are suffering, try drinking a glass of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey.
Apple cider vinegar contains high levels of potassium, which is known to relieve muscle cramping. There are also many nutrients in apple cider vinegar that help regulate and stabilize fluid balances in the body, which can help prevent problems from dehydration as well.
-The Alternative Daily

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