Friday, April 10, 2015

Natural Solutions - Fiber is more important than you think!

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Fiber is more important than you think! Learn more here.
Fiber is one of those things that most of us just assume we are getting in our diet. We know we need it, but do we know how important it is to our bodies? Do we know where to find it to include in our daily diet? Do we know the recommended daily value? Read more to get in the know on fiber.
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Intestinal Fortitude
Let's take a quick pop quiz: What do obesity, diabetes, depression, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, dermatitis, diarrhea, allergic rhinitis, the common cold, acne, chronic fatigue syndrome, and food allergies have in common? The battle for your stomach. According to recent studies, these conditions are all affected by a burbling bacterial war happening deep in your bowels. It's bifidobacterium vs. E. coli, lactobacillus vs. clostridium. It's the probiotics (good bacteria) vs. the pathogenic (bad) bacteria.
The Über Tuber
On the lower slopes of the Andes Mountains in Peru grows a tuber nicknamed "the apple of the earth." A staple of the Peruvian diet for thousands of years, yacón has a tremendous list of benefits: It is low in calories, has a low glycemic index, and provides a rich supply of inulin, an important prebiotic fiber. Read more here.
Fiber First
Most people know that the dietary choices we make play a huge role in heart health. Eating the right foods can dilate your arteries, reduce inflammation, prevent clotting, and promote circulation. What is less well known is the role of fiber in heart health. Fiber is the woody part of the plant that is partially digested. (Fiber is also sometimes called roughage.) Though scientists have divided fiber into two categories—soluble and insoluble—based on how they behave in laboratory settings, the bottom line is that all fiber is good for you.
In Season: Artichokes
Artichokes contain about 10 grams of fiber- so why not try some? Here are several excellent recipes. Enjoy! Click here to find out how.

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