Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cover Letter of No Cover Letter???

Welcome to the April edition of the PA CareerLink® Connection. As always, the staff at PA CareerLink® Delaware County will continue to keep you informed of the wealth of events and services at our locations in Delaware County. We wish you the best in your job search, and we are happy to share resources, tips, and strategies to assist you as you strive to achieve your employment goals. We hope you find this information helpful while you continue, and ultimately succeed, in your job search.

The Cover Letter Controversy
If you've received mixed messages about cover letters, and are confused about what should be in a cover letter, or, whether or not you should even bother writing one--don't consider yourself alone. Among employers, there are widely divergent opinions regarding the importance and necessity of cover letters. In addition, technological changes in the workplace (like the "paperless" office and the reliance on email and mobile devices) are contributing to the confusion.

Sometimes, a job posting will explicity state whether or not they want a cover letter and how they want it sent. Whatever instructions the employer may provide, make sure to observe them. A surprisingly large number of potential job candidates are eliminated simply because they don't follow the directions given to them. If you don't receive any guidance from the job posting, send a cover letter anyhow. If you're sending your resume via email, use the body of the email as your cover letter. The challenge of cover letter writing is to write something that is short but interesting, and to show that you are the right person for the job. 
For more cover letter advice, check out Heather R. Huhman's Glassdoor article "Why Your Cover Letter Hasn't Gotten You A Job," which was recently reposted on Business Insider. 

You may also want to join us for our Resume Workshops.  OurChester location offers a Resume Elements workshop, which is ideal if you're confused about proper resume and cover letter format. For a more individualized experience, you may want to ask about our Rapid Resume Review.

Our office in the Workforce Entry Center of Delaware County Community College offers a Resume I workshop for those who need basic advice regarding formatting and style, and Resume II - Self-Marketing for those who feel comfortable with their resume but feel that they might not be making the most of their marketable skills and experience.  

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