Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Natural Solutions Glaucoma Awareness Month

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January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month and what better way to raise the awareness than to read up and become more knowledgeable on the matter. This is a newsletter for everyone young and old—because glaucoma doesn't discriminate—everyone can be at risk. As the second leading cause in blindness it's important to read up and know the signs. It is estimated that over 2.2 million American have glaucoma but only half of them know they actually have it.
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Hungry Eyes
Most of us expect—and accept—the slow deterioration of our eyesight as an inevitable part of aging. But is it? A wealth of research indicates that protecting our baby blues (or browns or greens) could be as simple as eating the right foods or choosing targeted supplements. In fact, eye health issues such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma are really dependent on two things: heredity and nutrition. Learn more in this informational article.
Look Out for Your Eyes
The truth is that everyone eventually bows to presbyopia, commonly known as "old sight." Around age 40, your retina (the thin layer of sensory tissue that lines the back of the eye and works like film in a camera) begins to lose its sensitivity to light, meaning you need higher wattage to work and read. Also, your lenses (located right behind your colorful irises) lose their elasticity and ability to adjust their focus close up and far away, which sends you into the nearest optical shop. Whether you currently have 20/20 sight or can't see the big E on an eye chart, here's how to keep your eyes as strong and sharp as possible.
Ask the Doctor: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Iritis
There is more to know than about eye disease than just glaucoma. Here is an ask the doctor question that was sent into our magazine and answered by Paul S. Anderson, ND. He answers a question about iritis and about the difference between ‘pink eye' and 'red eye.' Read more about these two interesting ATD's here!
Sweet Potato, Carrot and Onion Dip
Foods, such as sweet potatoes and carrots, that are rich in beta carotene are excellent foods to strengthen your eyesight. With that said, this is an excellent recipe for a dip that uses BOTH ingredients and is a tasty treat! Enjoy! Check them out!

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