Saturday, November 8, 2014

Learn more about diabetes with Natural Solutions!

Learn more about diabetes with Natural Solutions!
Did you know nearly 26 million children and adults live with diabetes? According to the American Diabetes Association this is the case in United States. The month of November is American Diabetes month and the goal is to help raise awareness to the ever-growing disease. By raising awareness to everyone, diabetic or not, we can hopefully bring the total number of people affected down drastically.
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Early Intervention is Critical to Reverse Diabetes
Diabetes is a debilitating disease, and we see the effects on our bodies ranging from obesity and chronic fatigue up to blindness and even amputation. The disease is at epidemic levels now with 25 million diagnosed, another seven million unaware they have the disease, and an estimated 79 million "prediabetics" who will get the disease if they don’t make a course correction soon. The encouraging news is that diabetes can be prevented, reversed, and managed effectively by paying close attention to the small cellular details that influence the insulin-producing cells in our pancreas. Cooking, eating, and exercising can all protect your cell health.
Are Environmental Toxins Fueling Type 2 Diabetes?
Many of us first encountered diabetes in grade school when one of our classmates had the disease. We listened in shock as they described their daily regimen: glucose monitoring, multiple insulin injections, a rigid diet. Those are the hallmarks of type 1 diabetes. Today, however, we are becoming increasingly concerned with type 2 diabetes. This causes excess glucose to build up in the blood stream, which can be as bad as having no insulin at all; again, extra circulating glucose fuels inflammation, damaging organs and tissues.
Curing Type 2 Diabetes with Food
Is the concept of curing type 2 diabetes through diet really such a strange notion? After all, diet was one of the key contributors that got you into this situation in the first place. Conventional wisdom seems to disagree, however. While diet, exercise, and lifestyle are nearly universally acknowledged as vital components required for managing blood glucose levels, the key difference in the conventional approach hinges on the word "manage." Given a choice, would you rather "manage" a disease, or be "cured?"
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