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Four-Year Scholarship-Now Accepting Applications

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Four-Year Scholarship-Now Accepting Applications

Four-year Scholarship Program Overview

Please note that all our scholarships are open for applications from mid-November to March 1 only. 
CSFP provides 4-year, K-8th grade scholarships to children from low-income Philadelphia families. These scholarships are partial scholarships to fund tuition at a private school of the family's choosing. Please click here for a complete list of CSFP approved schools.
To be eligible for a CSFP scholarship, students must meet the following:
  • Reside within the City of Philadelphia. CSFP will require you to provide proof of residency if you are selected.
  • Enter grades K-8th
  • Meet income eligibility. If you are selected for a scholarship you will be required to provide your most recent 1040 tax form and/or public assistance statements.
Income Eligibility Scale based on 2014 income
# of people 
in your 
up to 75%up to 50%up to 25%
2Up to $15,730         $15,731 - $29,101$29,102 - $42,471
3Up to $19,790$19,791 - $36,612$36,613 - $53,433
4Up to $23,850$23,851 - $43,123$44,124 - $64,395
5Up to $27,910$27,911 - $51,634$51,635 - $75,357
6Up to $31,970$31,971 - $59,145$59,146 - $86,319
7Up to $36,030$36,031 - $66,656$66,657 - $97,281
8Up to $40,090$40,091 - $74,167$74,168 - $108,243
 For each additional 
child add $4,060
For each additional 
child add $7.511
For each additional 
child add $10,962

Lottery winners can use this chart to estimate the percentage of scholarship for which they qualify. Please note that the CSFP scholarship maximum is $2,350 per child for the 2015-2016 school year.

CSFP issues four-year scholarships by random lottery in early March. Winners of this lottery will be notified by mail in mid-March. All scholarships issued will be for a maximum of $2,350 for the 2015-2016 school year. If your family is chosen, all eligible children in your family will receive tuition assistance grants (up to a maximum of three (3) children per family). Each child will be awarded their own scholarship and recipients must re-qualify to continue with the CSFP program each of the next three years.
Please click here for answers to more frequently asked questions.

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