Monday, May 6, 2013

Helping Caregivers Keep Loved Ones Safe

Helping caregivers keep loved ones safe

Baby boomers are getting older and they are making caregiving headlines.

Some boomers are caring for their parents. Other boomers are the care recipients. Still other boomers are caring for friends, relatives and neighbors. One thing all boomers seem to have in common is that they want to stay in their own home as long as possible.
If you are the family caregiver of a loved one who wants to “age in place,” your loved one’s safety and security is your top priority. Unintentional falls are the cause of more than half of all non-fatal injuries for Americans over age 65. Fortunately, family caregivers can use technology to help loved ones stay in their home safely.
Could you use technology to detect falls in the home, or a GPS locator in case your loved one wanders off? Many technology solutions exist today, with more being offered every month.
Some technological advances include:
  • Wireless sensors throughout the home to alert the family caregiver of night time awakenings and activity.
  • Medication dispensing and alert systems.
  • Personal emergency response systems.
  • Smart phone apps that safely share your loved one’s health records with all of their doctors.
A safe investment
Developing a plan to accommodate changes in the home is not always easy; but not having a plan can be even more difficult, cost more money and cause more heartache down the road. Once you have taken the non-technological steps of solving for slippery floors, poor lighting, electrical cords in pathways, loose rugs, raised thresholds, and clutter, you can consider using technology to keep your loved one safe at home.

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