Thursday, December 20, 2012

Public Workshops - Delaware County Community College

Career Development and Employment Search Workshop Descriptions

Career ConneXions - Don’t let the job search get you down! Join us for eight sessions of topic-oriented material to kick your job search into high gear and keep your focus! Connect with other jobseekers to share ideas and strategies that have worked for you. Sessions can be attended in any order and we’ll help you keep track with a punch card system. See calendar for topics and schedule.
NNNEEEWWW!!!!!!!!! Career Planning in Contemporary Times –
Thinking of a career shift? Discover your values and interests and how they impact your career decision making in today’
Employer Panel – Meet with hiring managers face to face!
Human resource professionals provide information about what they are looking for in a candidate like you and will answer your questions. Learn how to make a good impression and ace an interview.
Federal Jobs I - Ten Steps to a Federal Job In - depth information on the fundamentals of identifying your career path, searching for job openings that interest you and the process of applying for a job with the Federal Government.
Federal Jobs II - Federal Resume and Accomplishment Writing –
An opportunity for you to begin writing a Federal resume and list your accomplishments in the preferred format for Federal applications. Bring a copy of a current resume and a print-out of a federal job posting that interests you. NOTE : Federal Jobs I is a pre-requisite.
Identifying Your Transferable Skills –
Under the guidance of a facilitator using the Skillscan® system, you will identify and name your key skills and qualities that are essential for your resume development, career decision making and successful self-marketing.
Interviewing Techniques –
Job interview success depends on how well you are prepared to sell yourself! Learn what hiring managers want in a candidate, what questions may be asked and how they should be answered. Learn about "behavior-based" interviewing, how to ace a phone interview and how to manage the post-interview experience to ensure a positive outcome.
Job Search Strategies –
Learn how to search for jobs using JobgatewaySM, the latest on-line system in the PACareerLink®. Learn about organizational, networking, and research skills that are essential for a successful job search in today’s job market.
NNNEEEWWW!!!!!!!!! LinkedIn Live!
Social media has become a highly effective and some say necessary tool for networking, career development and job search activities. This interactive session will provide a general overview and information regarding profile development and the networking capabilities that are available free of charge and will lay the foundation for each participant to begin using LinkedIn.
Personal Computing (PC) Workshop –
Nine hour three- day class introduces you to the basics of personal computers. You will learn how to use email, basic file management and how to navigate the Internet to access job seeking resources such as PA CareerLink®.
Resume I – The Basics –
Intended for beginning resume writers or those who haven’t written a resume in over a year. Learn the basic elements of resume, cover letter and professional portfolio development, as well as different presentation styles for providing your resume and portfolio to potential employers that reflect you in the best light possible.
Resume II – Self-Marketing -
Intended for those who have completed a basic resume or Resume I, and are ready to apply self-marketing concepts. A series of exercises are provided to help you more fully develop your professional profile, write effective accomplishment statements, and identify key words.
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Equal Opportunity Employer/Programs

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