Thursday, January 10, 2013

6th Annual “Make A Difference!” Art with a Message Contest.

Dear Educators and Other Professionals:


The Delaware County Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force is excited to announce the 6th Annual “Make A Difference!” Art with a Message Contest. We are happy to report that last year we received over 75 submissions!


The Task Force’s purpose is to promote understanding that suicide is a preventable community health problem in our county. The goal of this contest is to encourage emotional well-being by promoting the concepts of communication, hope, community and friendship, in an effort to prevent suicide.  All middle and high school students are invited to submit original art work.


We are distributing the contest information now to make it easier for you to fit it into your busy school schedules over the next few months. The submission deadline is Friday, January 25, 2013, and entries can be submitted at any time between now and the deadline. You will find an information sheet with guidelines enclosed with this letter.  Please read and follow the guidelines carefully.


Please distribute the enclosed information packet to any staff who may be interested in having their students participate. We are hoping for 100% school participation. We look forward to receiving your school’s entries.  For more information about suicide prevention information and upcoming events, please visit our website, or refer to the enclosed brochure.


We believe this project will help to teach our youth that talking about feelings and reaching out for help when feeling down is important for every youth in Delaware County. Thank you for your time.


Best Regards,


The Delaware County Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force




2013 Art with a Message Contest Instructions


Theme: “Make A Difference!”

Suicide Prevention through Communication and Emotional Well-Being


We invite all teachers, counselors, nurses, school faculty and other professionals to inspire middle and high school students to create an original poster for the 6th Annual “Make A Difference!” Art with a Message Contest. This is a county-wide effort to encourage youth to value emotional health, communication and community and to express through art what they think and feel. WINNERS will receive awards, public recognition, and winning artwork will be used as promotional material for Task Force events/publications.  Winning artwork may also be used as an inspiration for the t-shirt design.  Please share this opportunity with your students. Have fun, and enjoy!


Poster Messages and Themes

Judges will look for positive, clear messages, creativity, uniqueness and artistic ability. To get started, suggest that students draw ideas about the following themes:


v  Hope

v  Peace

v  Love

v  Not keeping secrets

v  Life is for Living

v  Support

v  Friendship

v  Connections

v  Communication

v  Being a Role Model

v  Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress

v  Alternatives



Remind your students that the winning artwork will represent the Delaware County Suicide Prevention and Awareness Task Force, so the posters need to be positive themes—no violent or gory posters will be selected.



The Prizes: 1st Place:  $100; 2nd Place:  $75; 3rd Place:  $50






v  NO NAMES DIRECTLY ON POSTERS. All identifying information—name, address, phone, grade, teacher and school—MUST be printed on the ID label (enclosed) and taped to the back of the poster. Please use clear tape only; glue may seep through the posters. Copier-ready ID Label page is included with this packet.

v  Posters must be drawn on WHITE, 8.5” x 11” paper, landscape orientation (11” side horizontal). Any other size artwork will be immediately disqualified.

v  Posters must be drawn with markers or crayons using only 2 different colors. Be sure to press down hard so the colors stand out. NO painted or computer-generated posters will be accepted.

v  Posters should reflect the students’ original messages—ideas copied from published posters or past contests will be immediately disqualified.

v  Posters should be creative and contain simple, clear messages.

v  Violent scenes, brand names and copyrighted images (i.e. characters from cartoons or TV) will be disqualified.

v  Posters with misspellings will be immediately disqualified. Please help your students spell their messages correctly.

v  Only one (1) entry per student may be submitted.

v  Please submit posters in an organized fashion and make sure they are clearly labeled.



DEADLINE: Friday, January 25, 2013 at 4:00 p.m.

Winners will be notified by Friday, March 8, 2013


Posters may be submitted at any time from now until the deadline, and may be mailed or delivered to:



Box 175

4 State Road

Media, PA 19063


Please feel free to email with any questions, or contact one of the following Task Force Members:


Nikole Heilmann: 484-802-1184      

Ellen Chung: 610-891-7048

Julie Brown: 215-504-3919   

Joe Mack: 484-454-8802

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