Thursday, August 13, 2015

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Eating in season with Natural Solutions
During the summer months it is easy for us to eat in season foods. Shopping at local farmers markets or food co-ops can be easy on the taste buds and just as easy on the wallet. The key is to purchase what is in season. Let Natural Solutions give you tips and tricks to shopping in season.
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Finding Your Inner Locavore
During the summer months people emerge from their homes in search of fresh air and local organic foods—and what better way to get both than at your neighborhood farmers' market? Not only will you reap the many rewards of walking around in the outdoors, but the market will provide local produce, fresh flowers, music, meat, and dairy products.
Eating in Season for Health, Quality and Cost
Foods eaten in season contain peak nutrients and generally put less of a dent in your budget than if purchased out of season. Whether you want to grow your own fresh produce in your backyard, stop by a farmers market, or shop at your local grocery or co-op, the following hints and tips lead you to the freshest produce and where to find it. Summer—for most of us it's the season of fun, a time to get out of our homes and enjoy the sunlight. In addition to the bright summer days, many delicious and unique foods are in season.
Fresh Food at Affordable Prices
In today's society, it's more common to wait in line for 15 minutes at a fast-food drive-thru than it is to take a walk to a nearby farmer's market for fresh fruits and vegetables. American culture is obsessed with cheap and convenient foods instead of nutritious staples the body needs to run efficiently. Scarier still is that by 2020, statistics show that three out of four Americans will be overweight. The question is not just why do we act in such a self-destructive manner, but how do we end this epidemic? How programs like Wholesome Wave are getting fresh food to all.
City Farmer's Markets
When summer begins, urban farmers markets start to pop up everywhere in cities such as New York, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. Many city dwellers, having moved away from megastores closely identified with smaller towns, now realize the importance of eating locally. "Locavores," as they are lovingly known, pride themselves in growth of this farm-to-fork movement, and hang their health on the shelf of eating greener, and thus, healthier. Don't think this is just another hipster trend, though. Individuals consider it going back to their "dietary" roots.
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